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Yeah its definitely losing business because of this reason. I feel it too.

WWE is now made up of jokers like hurricane, spike, eugene etc.

You'd hardly find anyone well built. there just as good as everyone else though Definately. Wrestling is about large and built guys and not featherweights! Wrestling isn't about steroid built guys. You don't need those guys to get good business. What about guys like Jimmy Snuka, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, and Eddie Gurrero. They're legends in the company and they don't need to be stacked. Look how many hall of famers are 300 pound, walking muscle masses and how many connected with the fans on many levels. During the 80's, all the superstars of wrestling had huge and muscular bodies and always beat the lesser wrestlers (jobbers). Nowadays we see everybody wrestling: women, announcers, managers, the McMahons and lightweight wrestlers. That often makes the WWE product ridiculous and not credible, because in a real wrestling match a lightweight wrestler would not stand a chance against a heavyweight. WWE is worse because they don't know how to operate without built guys like Lesner, Goldberg or Nash. And as far as a real fight is concerned, I would take Hennig, may he rest in peace, over Lesner any day in a fight. i ageree yes it is worse they were so exciting to watch , but at least we still got batista, (world heacyweight champion) and he's bigger and more built then any of thosed guys just look at him he's rele an animal well rey mysterio's speed can give him a slight advantage. in real life it is possible he could stand up against the others..with lots of luck..i hate to admit that though..rey's my fav :P Yes!!! who wants to see the heavyweight champion John Cena get beat by Brock Lesnar or Goldberg? I know I Do! We need some big time playmakers if the WWE wants to stay the #1 wrestling program in the world, otherwise, in 2 years, the new promotion/ best wrestling show will be NWA/TNA look at triple h,Kane,big show,even snitsky if theyd use him,and well jbl kinda and undertaker kinda No, the WWE actually needs more light heavyweights and cruiserweights instad of those big guys who cant do anything cuz they are roided out

no it good hurricane, spike, eugene are not in wwe and Chris Benoit Eddie Gurrero are died they not in wwe they died wee is cool i don't care waht you all say tna suck

They aren't losing money. If they were there would be no WWE Network

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