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Isnt there a law on the books requireing parents to care for their children until 21 years of age Im 18 years old now and gay can my parents force me out of the house?


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Most states have age of maturity laws at 18. No state has 21 as a minimum legal age. Call your local court house and ask them the age of maturity. Unfortunately it sounds as though your parents are not accepting your gayness, sorry about that, there is more to a person then their sexualness.

Some people just cant accept things that they dont understand and fear. Our society has groomed people to be drones. Why not look at this as a way of obtaining your freedom. You should be out of high school already or soon. Look for a job and some roommates and live your life. YOu only have one chance at it and maybe you can try to educate your parents on the fact that there are many facets to a person beside this and show them that people from all walks of life are gay, happy and successful. Good luck.