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The boiling point of water is only 100 C, so water can not be used to heat the flask containing Isobutyl. Heat the flask containing the Isobutyl directly or heat it in a substance that has a boiling point above 108 C

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Q: Isobutyl alcohol has a boiling point of 108 C How would you modify the procedure used in this experiment to determine its molar mass?
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Polarity differences between isobutyl alcohol and isobutyl chloride?

Polarity of isobutyl chloride is more when compared to isobutyl chloride.

What ester is formed when formic acid reacts with isobutyl alcohol?

Isobutyl formate

What is Isobutyl alcohol?

it is a chemical compound

Does isobutyl alcohol dissolve sugar?

no it does not

How do you determine the molar mass of isobutyl alcohol?

The chemical formula of the isobutyl alcohol is C4H10O.The molar mas is calculated as follows:4 x (atomic weight of C) + 10 x (atomic weight of H) + (atomic weight of O)

What ester is produced from isobutyl alcohol and formic acid?

Isobutyl Formate, smells like raspberries

What is the structure of isobutyl alcohol?


What is the carboxylic acid needed to form isobutyl benzoate?

Benzoic acid esterified with the alcohol isobutanol gives isobutyl benzoate.

Liquid that has a density of 0.80 and soluble in cyclohexane what liquid may be this?

Isobutyl Alcohol(Isobutanol).

What is the structural formula of isobutyl alcohol?

This might take some interpretation: CH3 | | / \ / \____ OH CH3 Different: CH3CH(CH3)CH2OH

What is procedure for formol titration of determining glycine?

To determine the pKa of glycine, a formal titration must be performed. This is done by titrating a cationic alcohol with an anionic carboxyl.

Why is it unethical to conduct an experiment with humans that would determine if alcohol consumption during pregnancy causes damage to the fetus?

The experiment you describe is unethical for two reasons. In the first place, the fetus in question is a human being who will have a greatly reduced quality of life as a result of the fetal alcohol syndrome that you caused by means of your experiment, which is a violation of human rights. In the second place, the experiment is entirely unnecessary, since there are lots of irresponsible women who have consumed excessive amounts of alcohol while pregnant and have given birth to babies who suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome, so we already know what the medical consequences are, of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

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