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A group or herd of rhinos is called: A crash

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What are a baby elephants predators?

a pride of lions will take a baby elephant.

What are baby elephants predators?

a pride of lions will take a baby elephant

What is common between lion and elephant?

Very little: lions are carnivores, elephants are herbivores. Both are social, a pride of lions, a herd of elephants. They are both mammals, and can be found in Africa.

Do elephants have predators?

Yes. There predators are lions and people Generally, adults can fend off lions, but a young or baby can be killed by a pride of lions.So I would have to say it is lions and humans.

What does pride have to do with lions?

'Pride' just means 'group', i.e. a pride of lions = a group of lions.

Do lions live in a pride?

Yes, a family group of Lions is called a pride of Lions.

Is a group of lions a herd of lions?

A group of lions is usually called a pride.

Can you search the word that are the collection of lions?

Do you mean a pride of lions? A group of lions is called a pride.

What is a pride of lions?

A lion pride is a social group of lions: males, females, and young lions.

What is a group of lions?

A group of lions is called a pride.A pack

What is the name of a collection of lions?

A group of lions are called a PrideA group of lions is called a pride.

What eat African bush elephants?

Nothing eats African elephants. Sometimes a pride of lions will attack, but the most part they are left alone except for poachers killing them for body parts.

Are lions afraid of any other animals?

lone lioness's will be afraid of the mothers of their wildabeast kill sometimes and of a 3 or more hyenas.and the males lone or not are only sometimes submissum when he(and if he has a mate)are out numbered by new young an stronger,healthier lions looking for a pride to take over or new territory.but all lions,even if in a large pride,will be scared of 2 or more buffalos.if only one buffalo alone,a pride can take it on,not an outcast.but lone females will be scared if a couple of lions not every bit fond of her come at the girl.they will also scamper away from elephants and rhinos,unless they are REALLY REALLY gutsy.(dr@gongirl11)

Which is correct a pride of lions or a pride of lion?

Pride of lions. "Pride" in this context is an animal collective, a word for a group of a particular animal.

What do you call a group of lions?

A group of lions is typically called a PRIDE.

Why are elephants hunted by lions?

Only extreme hunger would cause a lion pride to hunt elephants. It's a very dangerous business, and a nice little antelope would be a lot easier.

What is the average number of lions in a pride?

A pride of lions can have anywhere from 3 to 30 members.

What is a group word for lions called?

A pride. A group of lions is called a lion pride.

What is a pride of cats?

A pride is a group of lions

How many lions are in a pride?

There are about 25-35 lions in a pride. Most of them are female & cubs and it has 2-3 male lions.

What is a group of young male lions called?

A coalition is a group of male lions living apart from a pride.

When was Pride of Lions - novel - created?

Pride of Lions - novel - was created in 1996.

Are there only female lions in a pride?

No. A pride consists of one or at the most two male lions and a number of female lions and cubs.

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