It has a leg but no thigh it has a head but no face?

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What are the best ways to get toner and smaller thighs and legs?

Toning thighs and legs . firstly, EXERCISE!\n. \nLook up the exercise called "Donkey kicks" on the internet. It works the back of the thighs. \n. \nPilates is awesome for a toned body all over.\n. \nfor cellulite: Don't smoke. Don't drink caffeine! Don't drink alchohol. these three thing ( Full Answer )

What are some exercises that could be done to enhance the size of the buttocks thighs and legs?

Getting a Better Bottom Half . I ran track and I know quite a bit about heathy eating/exercising and what worked for me is for a toned and defined look try eating more carbs (Don't Be Afraid!, try more pasta and bready substances that'll create bulk that'll turn into muscle if you committ to exce ( Full Answer )

Is your leg or head heavier?

Wouldn't it depend on leg muscles? Although, I think your leg would be heavier even though I am not completely sure at all...... Does hair count as part of your head?

Where is your thigh?

your thigh is the part above the knee the leg part is below the knee hope I helped

How can you get rid of black heads on your inner thighs?

You can put melted warm honey on your black heads. After Wach out honey with water. Tip: honey should feel a little bit like glue. You can put melted warm honey on your black heads. After Wach out honey with water. Tip: honey should feel a little bit like glue

How many calories in a chicken leg and thigh?

In plain cooked (grilled, roasted, boiled, steamed) chicken legs (drumstick and thigh) there are: . approx 265 calories in 1 slightly larger (4 oz or 114g) leg including the skin . approx 181 calories in 1 average (3.4 oz or 95g) chicken leg with the skin removed before eating. . In plain co ( Full Answer )

Why does hair grow on legs and face?

You know... this question has been asked for centuries. However, no conclusive answers have been discovered. The most modern scientists can say is that Leg and Facial Hair grow in order to warm the body. It's also said that the hair produces a Pheromone that attracts the opposite sex (or same sex)

Why do people get white heads on the face?

Whiteheads on the face can be related to changes in anindividualâ??s hormone due to puberty, genetics or certainmedications can trigger increase in hormone levels causingindividuals to become more prone to developing whiteheads.

You have four legs a foot and a head What are you?

this question is very hard yet very simple. A bed would be the correct answer because a regular bed has a head (the front of the bed) the foot (the end of the bed, normally were your feet go) and four legs (the poles that hold the bed off the ground) have fun telling other people!!

Will running or walking on a treadmill make your thighs and legs thinner?

In general, walking on a treadmil set at a zero degrees incline will add a minimal amount of leg muscle. Greater levels of leg muscle mass can be obtained via sprinting on a treadmill or walking/running uphill on a treadmill, but the muscle gain will not be significant as compared to the results obt ( Full Answer )

How much chicken legs and thighs to buy for 25 people?

If you are buying for grown men of less than retirement age, you should purchase a leg and thy for each man. As women grow older, they will eat less. So your group is a determining factor. The other factor is the way you fix it. If you are cooking a casserole, you cut back on the amount of chicken i ( Full Answer )

How do l increase the size of my legs not thighs?

Then you're looking for bigger calves. Easiest way to target calves is probably to jog around and push away hard with the front of your foot on each step. Otherwise, find something to stand on (with the front third of your foot) so that you can lower your heel a few inches, then go up on your toes. ( Full Answer )

How many breast and how many leg and thighs of fried chicken to feed 50 people?

Original: 100 breasts will feed the group. 100 thighs and 100 legs will feed the group. Otherwise figure on either one breast or one leg and one thigh per person and have some of both on hand. Edited: This really depends on the guests individual tastes, as some people like white meat, and others li ( Full Answer )

What are black heads that form on your face?

It work's slightly the same way as a pimple. The pore got clogged with oil, dirt, or bacteria. In the process of the pore cleaning the oil out of you're skin (forming a pimpl) it got exposed to air which caused it turned black. Black head can be popped but remember they are very deep so if you succ ( Full Answer )

Does an owl has legs on his head?

An owl only has legs where humans have legs. No,they dont have legs on there heads. who told u this question.

What do you do when facing a head on collision?

Aside from the obvious answer which is to avoid it at all costs, a good piece of advice is to completely relax your body. The reason most drunks survive these types of collisions is that their muscles are in a relaxed state. Most people tense up just before a collision which contributes to their inj ( Full Answer )

When facing a head on collision you need to?

Depending on the motive of the oncoming driver, one should stay the course and flash the lights, do not honk the horn (honking will make you look mad). Slow down but not too much.45 mph should do it. Play chicken for as long as possible and within the last 50 yards swerve to the right. If the oncomi ( Full Answer )

What animals have legs on head?

..deformed ones! There are no animals that have legs on there head unless they were born with a defect

How do you cure black heads in face?

Hi,You can go for below acne scar removal tips- Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. It would help you have a healthy and gloomy skin.Wash your face twice a day the most; it would make your skin release natural oil that would help your skin not to dry up as a result you are going to have crack and d ( Full Answer )

How do you get rid of razor burn and bumps on your legs and thighs?

Most of the time if you have it handy shaving cream works the best and take your time. If you already have bumps and razor burns use a mosterizing cream (lotion) without perfems in it and the should disappear in a few days. Just be careful and take your time. :) Another way to stop getting razor b ( Full Answer )

When facing a head-on collision what should you do?

Assuming the question means you cannot avoid the collision: Brake, leave the car in gear if manual, and keep in a straight line. Your car is designed to absorb straight on impacts much more safely then rotational impacts, so if you must take a hit, do so straight on.

What is thighing?

It is a blood libel against Muslims alleging that either Sunnihadith or the Shi'a cleric Khomeini approved of grown menmasturbating by placing their genitals between the thighs ofprebubescent children or even toddlers. The claim is used todehumanise and demonise Muslims in the same way blood libel w ( Full Answer )

How do you lose weight in hips legs and thighs when you have bad arthritis of the back and knees and ankles?

Your exercise options are limited when you have bad arthritis. Swimming is the type of exercise that is least stressful on the joints, since the water supports your weight. You don't have to swim rapidly, either, just float around at whatever level of activity suits you. The main way in which you ( Full Answer )

What does the thigh do?

Your thigh is attached to lower side of trunk on one hand and toleg on other Your thigh is attached to lower side of trunk on one hand and to leg on other. It has strong anterior, posterior and medial muscle compartments. It can have all sort of movement with trunk on one hand and flex-ion and exten ( Full Answer )

How do you get a thigh gap and skinny legs?

A lot of it has to do with genetics. Honestly, you shouldn't worryabout it so much.. those models you see on the front of magazinesand such... remember that they're airbrushed.