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The owner's manual will list the answer to this question. Yes, you really do need to use premium (defined in the owner's manual as 91 octane or above) fuel in your GTP. This is because the higher output of the engine using the compressed air from the supercharger will be more prone to detonation (premature ignition of the air/fuel mixture) than a similar normally aspirated engine. Higher octane fuels prevent detonation and knock. In extreme cases you may use regular octanes, but do not do so for long. Hope this helps. G

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Volvo2001 s-80 what octain gas is needed?

This vehicle requires Premium fuel of 91 octane.

What cars require premium fuel?

Manny high performance automobiles require premium fuel. Most United States domestic family automobiles do not require premium fuel and will run fine on 87 octane fuel.

Does premium fuel do any harm to a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero?

Not at all... Premium fuel will not harm any vehicle. All premium fuel does is burn more efficiently and evenly reducing engine ping

Why does the 07 civic si require premium fuel?

It is not just the 07 Civic SI, but the Honda Civic SI made after 06 requires premium fuel because it has a strong engine. It runs more smooth on premium fuel than regular fuel. Regular fuel will eventually damage the engine.

What type of fuel is required for the Lexus LS400?

Premium fuel only,

What kind of gas does a Chrysler breeze takes?

Chrysler says 87-octane fuel is fine for the breeze, but premium can be used to increase +5hp, but not needed.

Does esso premium unleaded gasoline contain ethanol?

does esso premium fuel have ethanol

What fuel do supercars use?

Premium gasoline.

What fuel does a Ferrari use?

Upper-end cars use Premium fuel

What is correct fuel for Mercedes Benz 1984 500SL?

premium fuel only

What is the fuel recommendation for 1991 dodge stealth?

91 octane/premium fuel

What kind of fuel does the Acura ilx use?

Premium Fuel 91 octane.

Do you have to put premium gas in your 95 mitsu 3000gt?

Yes, this engine requires Premium fuel. Using Regular fuel will cause pinging and engine damage.

Does the northstar engine in the 1996 Cadillac eldorado require premium fuel?

Premium is recommended for the ETC models

Should you be concerned about putting premium petrol in an unleaded car?

Not as long as the premium fuel is also unleaded.

What fuel grade does Toyota allion used?

Regular Unleaded, Premium fuel is not required.

What type of gas is needed for a 2009 ford mustang coupe?

the V6 and the GT need regular gas, however the Shelby Gt500 and Gt500 KR require premium fuel (because it is supercharged). As with any car if you put premium fuel into a car that doesn't need it you may get a bit better performance/gas mileage.

What fuel does an 2003 Audi A4 3.0l require?

premium fuel should say on the inside of the fuel door

Must you use premium fuel in your 2004 Volvo S60?

You need 91 Octane, which you can use 93 octane and 89 octane mix. which is Premium and Mid grade fuel.

Does a jetta turbo require premium fuel?

My answer is YES! if you do not use premium fuel you will see a decrease in fuel milaege, lack of power, and carbon build up. I work at a vw dealership, and I've seen more than once where people come in complaining about their engines acting up. well it turns out that they had carbon buildup and they did NOT use premium fuel. I own a jetta myself and I would not use anything but premium. hope this helps

What type of fuel for 2002 Volkswagen Passat?

only use premium fuel in European cars,

Can you use regular gas in a 2003 Mercedes Benz C240?

It is highly recommended that you DO NOT use regular gas in ANY Mercedes. They were all built to run on premium and you can cause serious damage to your engine if you don't. In fact, I've been told that the "premium" fuel in the US is garbage compared the the premium fuel in Germany. So, don't use regular if you like your car.

How much fuel needed to get to the moon?

how much fuel is needed to get to the moon in a rocket

Will using premium gas for a BMW X5 improve mileage?

yes, since all bmws recommend using only premium gasoline. look at your fuel filler door and fuel cap, they should say to use only premium gasolin.

What is correct fuel for a XLH 1977 sportster?

unleaded premium