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It depends entirely on what state you live in (in the U.S.) and what ages the two parties are. If there's no sexual contact, then it's typically not illegal. However, if you're talking about a 35 year old dating or engaging in sexual banter with a 14 year old, then you may want to look up your state's laws.

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Is it illegal to talk dirty to a minor without any pictures shown or videos or any plans on meeting If you just asked about their sexual activites is that illegal?

Talking dirty to a minor could wind you up into trouble. This could be charged as harrassment, child endangerment and others. There are new sexual predator laws you want to look into. Check with your local law enforcement.

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Is it illegal to record a meeting at work?

No. You can only if your boss is okay with it.

Would it be illegal to pose as an investor to get into a company's closed meeting?

No, it's not.

Is it illegal to record a meeting with out all parties having knowledge in Alabama?

As long as the meeting is a private meeting and law enforcement is not a factor, then a person may record a meeting without having to inform the other participants

Is it illegal to record a condo meeting in Nevada?

Recording any meeting is governed by state audio recording laws. Review yours to discover your answer, and how you can proceed with any required announcement prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Is it illegal to not pay employees for mileage in MI?

It is illegal to not pay employees for mileage in MI if it was agree upon. Employers are responsible for meeting pay obligations to employees.

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It sounds to me that it would be considered illegal, is one of them illegal, is there money exchanged? be careful.

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They can not print this picture without permission.

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It would be illegal to drive the car if it does meet the state emissions standards.

Is it illegal for a parent to record a meeting with his or her child's teacher without the teacher knowing?

well it is illegal to tape people without them knowing but i got that off home improvment so00oo0... yeah...

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Yes, but not if you are as well, and their status may prevent you from meeting the requirements for certain security clearances..

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Show a picture of those pigs.

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Is it legal to record a meeting between an employer and employee?

It is legal for the employer to do so. It is not illegal for the employee to do so, but can violate employer policies, jeopardizing your job.

Which one is correct- at the meeting or in a meeting?

in a meeting OR in meeting

Is it illegal to tape record a non profit membership meeting in MA?

In MA it is illegal to record ANY person's voice without their permission, including video surveillance for security purposes. It is a violation of the so-called "wiretapping" law, as courts have interpreted them.

Do you say meeting in or meeting at?

At the meeting

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Following are the types of meeting:1. Daily Meeting2. Weekly meeting3. monthly meeting4. performance meeting5. growth meeting6. orientation meetingMeeting can either be formal or informal.

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special meeting