It is not the strongest of the species that survive nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change What is this mean?

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Commonly misattributed to Darwin, this quote was actually written/said by business professor Leon Megginson in 1963, who was attempting to summarize Darwin's thought.

It basically means that you don't have to be physically fit or super intelligent to survive, but rather, you need to adapt to the changes around you; be they environmental or changes in attitude/perception.

In fact, not only is this sentence not from Darwin, but it is ideologically biased and going actually against Darwin's theory of evolution. Contrary to Lamarck, Darwin defined that the species are in no ways actors of the changes that are happening to them but only the best suited to survive do by natural selection.
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It is not the strongest of the species that can survivenot the most intelligent but the one most responsive to it true?

Ani Answer The quality most desirable for a species as a whole to survive is a two part question. First of all lets depict the strengths and weaknesses of what makes a species strong, and what makes it intelligent. A strong type of living being seems to evoke a sense of power, ferocity, and do ( Full Answer )

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no...most intelligent mammals are not carnivore. apes----chimpanzees,oranguton ,humans,etc.....which are most intelligent mammals are not all carnivores.

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human brain is most intelligent power in the universe but human can not known how to use the brain fully.a shocking report human can use only 4or5%out of 100%brain................

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The most intelligent dinosaur was the Troodon. Most believed it was in fact the Velociraptor ,but recent studies have shown that they weren't even very smart. In fact some scientists believe they were dumber than the T-rex. Jurassic Park the film had made Raptors seem like the brighter dinosaur just ( Full Answer )

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I think that habitat loss and destruction is probably responsible for the highest number of extinctions. Other major causes can include pollution, overhunting/poaching, and global warming.

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the most intelligent animal in the world is primates because they think just like us humans, they are the only animals that know how to make and use their own tools. a gorilla named koko was able to learn over 1000 words in American sign language. so why not give them the title for being the most in ( Full Answer )

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Probably so. A broad definition of intelligence is the ability to solve new problems. But mankind is creating new problems and is failing not only to address them, but to even acknowledge them. The major problems today are o Rapid use of scarce resources o Lack of population control o ( Full Answer )

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John F. Kennedy. He saw the importance of planning for space travel, swore to have a man on the moon by 1969 and did just that. His plans for the foreseeable future were carried out within the limits of the years of his life.

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Tectonic movement-the slow drifting of the continents-is responsible for the huge changes in landforms. For example Africa and South America were once joined but tectonic movement carried them apart. Climate change creates deserts, tides reshape coastlines, mountain ranges are created by continental ( Full Answer )

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A fancy bear hamster. They are known for their very high intelligence. They can also perform tasks. I'd recommend one as a pet.

Who is the most intelligent of all animals?

The answer depends on whether or not you include Homo Sapiens as an animal. Despite what Douglas Adams might suggest in his Hitchhikers Guide trilogy, Homo Sapiens is considerably more intelligent than any other species. If you do not include humans in the mix, the most intelligent animal is beli ( Full Answer )

What invertebrate is thought to be most intelligent?

Of all invertebrates, octopuses are thought to be the smartest. They can be trained to do all kinds of stuff, and they figure stuff out on their own as well. One octopus in a zoo was observed squirting water at the lights on the ceiling and causing them to short-circuit, all because it was bored. It ( Full Answer )

What are the most intelligent animals in the world?

I have found a list of the most intelligant animals on Earth andwill post the top 10. 1. Chimps 2. Pigs 3. Dolphins 4. Parrots 5. Whales 6. Dogs 7. Octopus 8. Elephants 9. Squirrels 10. Cats Hope this helps! I recommend using Google to better clarify theanswers.