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A ratio of atoms in the compound.

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What is the boiling temperature for covalent compounds?

All different covalent compounds have different boiling points.

Can covalent compounds have the same enpirical formula?

Yes, it is possible.All isomers have the same empirical formula.

Is it possible for different covalent compounds to have the same empirical formula's why or why not?

Different covalent compounds can have not only the same empirical formula but also the same molecular formula. For example, C2H6O can be either dimethyl ether or ethanol. This can occur because of differences in bonding patterns. In dimethyl ether, the oxygen atom is bonded directly to both carbon atoms, but in ethanol the oxygen atom is bonded to oxygen and hydrogen instead.

Why are bonds in most covalent compounds polar?

Because covalent bonds are generally between different elements, and they will have different electronegativities

What is one different between a metallic bond and a covalent bond?

Metalic bonds are in metals. Covalent bonds are in covalent compounds.

Which qualities can be used to identify binary covalent compounds?

Covalent compounds are neutral. Covalent compounds share electrons.

Would ionic or covalent molecules use the empirical formula Why?

An empirical formula represents the lowest whole-number ratio of ions or atoms in a compound. The formulas for ionic compounds are always empirical, because the proportions of the ions are always reduced to the lowest whole-number ratio. The formulas for covalent compounds are sometimes empirical, in which case they are also the molecular formulas. For example, the formula for water, H2O, is an empirical/molecular formula because the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen atoms is 2:1, which represents the lowest whole-number ratio of atoms in a molecule of water.

What is the properties of covalent bond?

Covalent compounds generally have much lower melting and boiling points that ionic compounds. Covalent compounds are soft and squishy. Covalent compounds tend to be more flammable that ionic compounds. Covalent compounds don't conduct electricity in water. Covalent compounds aren't usually very soluble in water.

What types of compounds are formed by covalent bonds?

Covalent compounds are formed by covalent bonds.

Is a telephone receiver an ionic or a covalent compounds?

covalent compounds --------- It is inadequate to discuss about a telephone in terms of ionic and covalent compounds.

Does inorganic compounds or organic compounds contain covalent bonds?

Organic compounds have covalent bonds but also many inorganic compounds have covalent bonds.

What are the covalent compounds?

Covalent compounds are compounds that consist of only non-metal atoms

What the different between covalent and ionic compounds?

in covalent compounds, the valence electrons are shared between the atoms. in ionic compounds, the valence electrons are transferred from one atom to the other, to form ions

Binary covalent compounds have which characteristics?

Covalent compounds share electronsCovalent compounds are neutralB.The compounds share electrons.C.The compounds show no charge.D.The compounds are named with Greek prefixes.

Would ionic or covalent molecules use the molecular formula or empirical formula?

The formula of a covalent molecule is a molecular formula, because it represents the numbers of atoms of each element in a molecule. Sometimes the molecular formula is the same as the empirical formula. Ionic compounds are always represented by an empirical formula, because they do not form molecules. An empirical formula gives the lowest whole-number ratio of ions in the ionic compound.

How are the properties of molecular compounds different from those of ionic cmpounds?

Molecular (covalent) compounds are not dissociated in water.

Why are electrons shared in covalent compounds?

electorons are shared in covalent compounds, because covalent compounds occur between nonmetals elements.

Why compounds of beryllium are covalent?

Compounds of beryllium are NOT covalent! Beryllium is a metal, and metals can only form ionic compounds, not covalent molecules.

Are covalent compounds soluble in hexane?

It depends on the compound. nonpolar covalent compounds will generally be soluble whie polar covalent compounds will not be.

In what phase are covalent compounds?

Covalent compounds can be solids, liquids or gases.

Can compounds be broken down into different elements?

The compounds are made by bonding different elements. The elements are bond with ionic or covalent bonds. So compounds can be broken into elements.

Why is it possible for different covalent compounds to have the same empirical formula?

Isomerism. The structures of the molecules are different even when the numbers of atoms are the same. Organic molecules are the most common examples of this. Compare n-butane and iso-butane same formula different structures. See link

Is tomatoes covalent or ionic?

Tomatoes are plants. They contain many different chemical compounds which include covalent and ionic.

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