Item list for the game fate?

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Regular Gems come in three qualities: Cracked, Regular and Superior.

Amethyst, Cracked: +2 HP Recovery

Amethyst: +6 HP Recovery

Amethyst, Superior: +10 HP Recovery

Blood Stone, Cracked: +2 Damage Dealt

Blood Stone: +6 Damage Dealt

Blood Stone, Superior: +10 Damage Dealt

Jade, Cracked: +5% Attack Speed

Jade: +10% Attack Speed

Jade, Superior: +15% Attack Speed

Lapis, Cracked: +3% Faster Casting Speed

Lapis: +7% Faster Casting Speed

Lapis, Superior: +10% Faster Casting Speed

Obsidian, Cracked: +1 Knockback

Obsidian: +2 Knockback

Obsidian, Superior: +4 Knockback

Opal, Cracked: +8 Ice Resistance, +2 Ice Damage

Opal: +24 Ice Resistance, +6 Ice Damage

Opal, Superior: +40 Ice Resistance, +10 Ice Damage

Peridot, Cracked: +1% Life Stolen

Peridot: +3% Life Stolen

Peridor, Superior: +6% Life Stolen

Ruby, Cracked: +8 Fire Resistance, +2 Fire Damage

Ruby: +24 Fire Resistance, +6 Fire Damage

Ruby, Superior: +40 Fire Resistance, +10 Fire Damage

Sapphire, Cracked: +2 Mana Recovery

Sapphire: +6 Mana Recovery

Sapphire, Superior: +10 Mana Recovery

Sunstone, Cracked: +8 Fire Resistance, +2 Undead Damage

Sunstone: +24 Fire Resistance, +6 Undead Damage

Sunstone, Superior: +40 Fire Resistance, +10 Undead Damage

Tanzanite, Cracked: +2 Stamina

Tanzanite: +6 Stamina

Tanzanite, Superior: +10 Stamina

Topaz, Cracked: +2% Attack

Topaz: +6% Attack

Topaz, Superior: +10% Attack

Tourmaline, Cracked: +3% Damage Reflection

Tourmaline: +6% Damage Reflection

Tourmaline, Superior: +10% Damage Reflection

Turquoise, Cracked: +8 Electrical Resistance, +2 Electrical Damage

Turquoise: +24 Electrical Resistance, +6 Electrical Damage

Turquoise, Superior: +40 Electrical Resistance, +10 Electrical Damage

Zircon, Cracked: +5% Find Magic Item

Zircon: +10% Find Magic Item

Zircon, Superior: +15% Find Magic Item


Unique Gems only come in one quality.

Adamantine Bauble:

+12% Crushing Resistance Bonus

+7% Damage Taken Resistance Bonus

Andrew Swift's Turquoise Eye:

+10% Movement Speed Bonus

+20% Electrical Resistance Bonus

Angel Heart:

+12% Life Bonus

+4 HP Recovery Bonus

-10 Attack Penalty

Avaricious Pearl:

+20% More Gold Dropped Bonus

+40% Chance of Finding Magical Item Bonus

Beast Heart:

+12% Attack Bonus

+2 HP Recovery Bonus

+5% Critical Bonus

Covetous Heart:

+12% Finding Magic Items Bonus

+5% Reduced Item Requirements Bonus

The Daystar:

+48 Fire Resistance

+12 Damage to Undead Bonus

-3 Mana Drain Penalty

+3 Knockback


+7% Life Stolen Per Hit Bonus

+7 Attack Magic Skill Bonus

Dwarf's Delight:

+25% More Gold Dropped By Enemies Bonus

+6 Hammer Skill Bonus

Empire Stone:

+5% Strength Bonus

+5% Dexterity Bonus

+5% Vitality Bonus

Eye of the Serpent:

+12% Mana Stolen Per Hit Bonus

+10% Mana Recover Bonus

+5% Movement Speed Penalty

Fist of Samson:

+7% Damage Dealt Bonus

+10 Strength Bonus

-10 Magic Penalty

Gem of Ages:

+30% Fire Resistance Bonus

+30% Ice Resistance Bonus

Gem of False Hopes:

No Enchantments!

Hadrian's Crystal:

+20 Attack Bonus

+5 Polearm Skill Bonus

+5 Damage Taken Reduced Bonus

Philosopher's Stone:

+5 Magic Bonus

+5% Mana Bonus

+5% Stamina Penalty

Salt of the Earth:

+30% Electrical Resistance Bonus

+5 Vitality Bonus

Secret of the Master:

+5 Dual-Wielding Skill Bonus

+7% Attack Bonus

+3 Defense Penalty

Star Sapphire of Ages:

+9 Mana Recovery Bonus

+5 Defense Magic Skill Bonus

Trickster's Bauble:

+9% Attack Speed

+9% Damage Reflected to Enemy Bonus

Watcher of the Stars:

+7% Improved Chance of Block Bonus

+5 Defence Magic Skill Bonus

Wicked Edge:

+7 Axe Skill Bonus

+10% Damage Dealt Bonus

+10% Life Penalty

Winter's Moon:

+9% Mana Bonus

+5 Charm Magic Bonus hope you find this helpfull i will try and find some armor GL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to now all the items just right click on fate icon click on properties,then click items,then type I click items you can see and ajust the effects of all items

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Q: Item list for the game fate?
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This will only work if you have windows XP, Vista, or 7. click on the fate, fate: UR, Fate: TTS, and search for items.DAT when you find it right click and select open with... and select Notepad. you can also edit the items damage its worth and what dungeon levels it will drop on. i wouldn't recommend changing anything else since the game file might become "corrupt".

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All of the items?! That's practically impossible! I'm sorry I can't help, but there are more than 1,000 different items in fate. Hey, go to Google and search fate item list. That should help. Yo i can tell you all the items in fate, Simply right click on fate icon go to ITEMS file click type I click on other ITEMS file Now you can see all the items To get the items list in Fate, simply go to the installation directory, (normally C:\Program Files\WildGames\FATE\ if you downloaded it from Wildtangent games) or (C:\Program Files\FATE\ if you have brought it from an store or other) the go to the "ITEMS" folder and go to "de, en-UK, en-US, es, fr, it" folder depending what language you have used for installing the game. de = Deutsch en-UK = United Kingdom English en-US = United States English es = Espagnol fr = French it = Italian Then you open the "item.dat" file with notepad. Each item name is beside the "<NAME>" variable.

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How do you socket an item in fate?

to socket an item you have to click the socket and click on an item that have space for a socket. I did it a lot of times and it worked LOL

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Fate - video game - happened in 2005.

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No, Fate is only for PC.

What is a code to unlock Fate game?

There is no code necessary for unlocking Fate.

In fate how do you enter cheats?

Hold shift, ctrl, and ~, then type an item

Fate the game?


When was Fate - video game - created?

Fate - video game - was created on 2005-05-18.

What is the best wepon in fate?

I would have to say Legendary Foe Cannibal(Also the most expensive item on the game that is able to spawn) please correct me if I'm wrong.

What are the best shields in fate for your PC?

Unique Item= Legendary Mage's Bane, Regular Item= Legendary Champion Shield

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be couse it is a game

What is the unlock code for FATE and FATE undiscovered realms?

There is no unlock code for Fate and Fate Undiscovered Realms. When the game is purchased you are provided with a unique code.

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Resonance of Fate is an amazing game as long as you get past the difficulty and steep learning curve.

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