Item list for the game fate?

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Regular Gems come in three qualities: Cracked, Regular and


Amethyst, Cracked: +2 HP Recovery

Amethyst: +6 HP Recovery

Amethyst, Superior: +10 HP Recovery

Blood Stone, Cracked: +2 Damage Dealt

Blood Stone: +6 Damage Dealt

Blood Stone, Superior: +10 Damage Dealt

Jade, Cracked: +5% Attack Speed

Jade: +10% Attack Speed

Jade, Superior: +15% Attack Speed

Lapis, Cracked: +3% Faster Casting Speed

Lapis: +7% Faster Casting Speed

Lapis, Superior: +10% Faster Casting Speed

Obsidian, Cracked: +1 Knockback

Obsidian: +2 Knockback

Obsidian, Superior: +4 Knockback

Opal, Cracked: +8 Ice Resistance, +2 Ice Damage

Opal: +24 Ice Resistance, +6 Ice Damage

Opal, Superior: +40 Ice Resistance, +10 Ice Damage

Peridot, Cracked: +1% Life Stolen

Peridot: +3% Life Stolen

Peridor, Superior: +6% Life Stolen

Ruby, Cracked: +8 Fire Resistance, +2 Fire Damage

Ruby: +24 Fire Resistance, +6 Fire Damage

Ruby, Superior: +40 Fire Resistance, +10 Fire Damage

Sapphire, Cracked: +2 Mana Recovery

Sapphire: +6 Mana Recovery

Sapphire, Superior: +10 Mana Recovery

Sunstone, Cracked: +8 Fire Resistance, +2 Undead Damage

Sunstone: +24 Fire Resistance, +6 Undead Damage

Sunstone, Superior: +40 Fire Resistance, +10 Undead Damage

Tanzanite, Cracked: +2 Stamina

Tanzanite: +6 Stamina

Tanzanite, Superior: +10 Stamina

Topaz, Cracked: +2% Attack

Topaz: +6% Attack

Topaz, Superior: +10% Attack

Tourmaline, Cracked: +3% Damage Reflection

Tourmaline: +6% Damage Reflection

Tourmaline, Superior: +10% Damage Reflection

Turquoise, Cracked: +8 Electrical Resistance, +2 Electrical


Turquoise: +24 Electrical Resistance, +6 Electrical Damage

Turquoise, Superior: +40 Electrical Resistance, +10 Electrical


Zircon, Cracked: +5% Find Magic Item

Zircon: +10% Find Magic Item

Zircon, Superior: +15% Find Magic Item


Unique Gems only come in one quality.

Adamantine Bauble:

+12% Crushing Resistance Bonus

+7% Damage Taken Resistance Bonus

Andrew Swift's Turquoise Eye:

+10% Movement Speed Bonus

+20% Electrical Resistance Bonus

Angel Heart:

+12% Life Bonus

+4 HP Recovery Bonus

-10 Attack Penalty

Avaricious Pearl:

+20% More Gold Dropped Bonus

+40% Chance of Finding Magical Item Bonus

Beast Heart:

+12% Attack Bonus

+2 HP Recovery Bonus

+5% Critical Bonus

Covetous Heart:

+12% Finding Magic Items Bonus

+5% Reduced Item Requirements Bonus

The Daystar:

+48 Fire Resistance

+12 Damage to Undead Bonus

-3 Mana Drain Penalty

+3 Knockback


+7% Life Stolen Per Hit Bonus

+7 Attack Magic Skill Bonus

Dwarf's Delight:

+25% More Gold Dropped By Enemies Bonus

+6 Hammer Skill Bonus

Empire Stone:

+5% Strength Bonus

+5% Dexterity Bonus

+5% Vitality Bonus

Eye of the Serpent:

+12% Mana Stolen Per Hit Bonus

+10% Mana Recover Bonus

+5% Movement Speed Penalty

Fist of Samson:

+7% Damage Dealt Bonus

+10 Strength Bonus

-10 Magic Penalty

Gem of Ages:

+30% Fire Resistance Bonus

+30% Ice Resistance Bonus

Gem of False Hopes:

No Enchantments!

Hadrian's Crystal:

+20 Attack Bonus

+5 Polearm Skill Bonus

+5 Damage Taken Reduced Bonus

Philosopher's Stone:

+5 Magic Bonus

+5% Mana Bonus

+5% Stamina Penalty

Salt of the Earth:

+30% Electrical Resistance Bonus

+5 Vitality Bonus

Secret of the Master:

+5 Dual-Wielding Skill Bonus

+7% Attack Bonus

+3 Defense Penalty

Star Sapphire of Ages:

+9 Mana Recovery Bonus

+5 Defense Magic Skill Bonus

Trickster's Bauble:

+9% Attack Speed

+9% Damage Reflected to Enemy Bonus

Watcher of the Stars:

+7% Improved Chance of Block Bonus

+5 Defence Magic Skill Bonus

Wicked Edge:

+7 Axe Skill Bonus

+10% Damage Dealt Bonus

+10% Life Penalty

Winter's Moon:

+9% Mana Bonus

+5 Charm Magic Bonus hope you find this helpfull i will try and

find some armor GL


If you want to now all the items just right click on fate icon

click on properties,then click items,then type I click items you can see and ajust the effects of all items

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