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First off, the home team should be batting if it is the bottom of the nineth. If the team at bat hits a "walk-off grand slam" the score is 4-1.

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How many bases does a cube have?

bases are the top and bottom a cube has 2 bases!!!!!

How many bases in a triangle prism have?

There should be two bases, 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom.

How many bases on a cylinder?

their are two top and bottom

What are the sizes of the bases of the Pyramids?

In the pyramids the bases of each are large at the bottom and as they go higher it gets smaller.

How many bases does a retangular prism have?

bases are the top and bottom of a 3D object...the top and bottom. there can only be faces of a 3D object are different..there are 6 faces on a rectangular prism.

How many bases dose the cylinder block have?

2 a top bottom

How many bases does a trapezoid have?

Yes, a trapezoid has two bases. They are the parallel lines on the top and bottom. Parallel lines look like this =

Where are the bases of a cylinder?

The bases of a cylinder are the circles on either side of the tube shape. Take a toilet paper roll for example if you look at the holes on the top and bottom, THOSE are the bases:)

Why Distance between bases?

is the question what distance between bases? if so in MLB its 90 feet

Does a cube have a base?

yes because their are 6 bases and one of them are the bottom base

How many bases are in a trapezoid?

Two. The top and bottom ones, the ones which are parallel.

2 circular faces and 1 curve face?

That's not even a question. Are you describing a cylinder?Cylinders have a circular base (the part on the "top" and "bottom") and then a tube-like figure between the two bases.

How many bases are in a cube?

There are only 2 bases in a cube. The topand bottom are actually the only bases in this 3-dimensional shape.Anyone that says that there are 6 bases they are wrong. Those are Faces not Bases.Bases- The number that serves as a starting point for a logarithmic or other numerical system.

What is a 3d shape for a hexegon?

A hexahedron has a triangular pyramid on top and on bottom and share the bases.

How many bases does cone have?

A cone does not really have a base but if you find the circumference of the bottom that is the base.

What are the two bases which are insoluble in water?

This question is all but meaningless. There are lots of things that can be categorized as bases that are not soluble in water.

What are softball bases made of?

Most softball bases today are made out of rubber. They do have a metal bottom that allows the base to stay where it is supposed to be. There are throw-down bases that are made out of foam and can be thrown down anywhere.

How do you figure out equivalent expressions using the same bases?

Logarithmic bases. exponential bases. addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. more information needed to answer your question.

Formula for area of a trapazoid?

A trapezoid has one height: vertical measurement from top to bottom, and two bases: horizontal measurement on top and horizontal measurement on bottom. To find the area, you add the two bases together, multiply that by the height, and then divide by 2.

Where are royal navy bases located?

The website below will answer your question.

How many bases in a pyramid?

A pyramid has one base. Whichever side is on the bottom is called the base.

A square based pyramid has how many bases?

5 faces one on the bottom and 4 for the sides

Is the order of half rung bases exactly the same from top to bottom of each sife of your model?


What shape is this 2 circle bases no edges no vertices?

The question causes me to wonder how the circular bases can be defined without edges!

What are the four nitrogenous bases in DNA?

nucleotides chargaff and the structure question