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Ive had 5 headlights burn out within 8 months on your 2000 Pontiac firebird anybody know what could cause this or what is a good brand of bulbs to buy assuming its not an electrical problem the bulbs?



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have the alternator tested, or better yet, get a volt meter and see what the operating voltage is when the engine is running at about 1500 RPM. The operating voltage should be around 13.5 volts. If yours is approaching 14.5 volts or higher, you probably have a faulty alternator that's forcing voltage too high. If that's the case, you'll always have problems burning out bulbs, at least until you either repair the alternator/regulator (the alternator is inside the alternator) or replace it.

It is very unlikely that your alternator regulation is the problem. on older vehicle pre 1980 it was quite common to find regulation problem. But newer vehicles 1990- require much tighter control due to the increased use of electronic modules. if your generator output has reach voltage levels exceeding 16volts+? it wouldn't just be your headlamps burning out. I suggest you have your front shock absorbers looked at.