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Try cleaning the battery posts and then check to make sure that the terminals are tight when reaplied.

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Q: Ive installed a new ecu starter and an alternator but when you turn the key it just clicks you have full power to everything nothing dims any ideas?
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Can the computer on a 1991 dakota 3.9 be bypassed so alternator will charge?

A starter/alternator repair shop should be able to get an external regulator that can be installed on the rear of the alternator.A starter/alternator repair shop should be able to get an external regulator that can be installed on the rear of the alternator.

Is there a inline fuseable link between alternator and starter on 98 Dodge Neon?

There is not a fusible link between the alternator and starter. There is a regulator on the alternator. The starter is directly connected to the battery, as is the alternator.

Why will everything on a 2006 cadillac remote work except the starter batteries ok because everything on both remotes work only lites flash no starter?

Because the flash drive memory they installed on the remote is full

How to convert Generator to alternator in 1962 falcon?

After the generator is removed, the alternator will have to be mounted where the pulley lines up with the generator belt perfectly. If the alternator does not have a built in regulator then a regulator will have to be installed. If the falcon is a 6 volt system then the starter and all lighting will have to be changed to 12 volts.

Is an alternator and a starter the same?

No, and alternator generates DC current. A starter just uses DC current to start the engine.

You have a 1986 Chevy cavalier you have power to everything but the car will not turn over and the starter and the alternator are new so what should I check?

I would check the power right at the starter. Either the solenoid on the starter is defective or the connections/ battery are poor.

Is there a wire between starter and alternator?


Where do you connect the positive battery lead to the starter or the alternator?

Starter solenoid.

How do you connect the wire from the alternator to the starter?

how do you connect the wire from the alternater to the starter?

If your car will not start intermittently and nothing turns over and there is no starter click but the battery and alternator are good what could be wrong?

This could be the voltage regulator. Both the positive from the battery and the starter would be connected to it.

Is the battery connected to the alternator?

Indirectly. The positive cable on the battery is hooked to the starter. The other wire on the starter post goes up to the alternator.

Why will my 1999 cougar won't start?

If it runs for a little while then dies it could be your alternator.. If it ticks or just does nothing its either your battery or starter.

Does the 1992 Nissan Sentra have a starter or an alternator?

This vehicle (like most cars) has both a starter and an alternator. The alternator is driven by a serpentine belt, and the starter is located on the lower part of the engine at the transmission, where the teeth engage with the flywheel/flex plate. An alternator for the 1992 Sentra usually costs around $120-150, and a starter in the range of $90-120.

Do you need an alternator to have a starter motor?

Alternator on a car is for re cahrging the battery. So you can have a starter motor without a alternator but you wont get far down the road when the battery runs out of power and the car will die.

Driving down the road engine stall no dash light nothing happen when starter atempt is maded?

Battery is dead, because of a bad alternator.

Where is the voltage regulator in a 1991 GMC 3.8?

inside the alternator. check the fusable link at the alternator and at the starter before changing the alternator.

How do you tell if a remote car starter is installed?

if you push the button and it starts then it is installed

Your 97 Chevy lumina wont start you have checked the battery and starter and still nothing happens what could be wrong?

I had a similar problem turns out the Alternator was bad.

Can a bad starter keep your alternator and battery from charging?

YesFirst if the starter is bad the car will not start, if it will not start it can not charge the battery.If the starter will not work it can mean there is an electrical problem that will also prevent the alternator from charging the batteryThe starter itself CAN NOT CAUSE CHARGING PROBLEMS!The extra load on the battery can ruin the battery and that can ruin the alternator. But before that NO.

The battery isn't getting a charge while driving and you got a new altenater new battery and you checked the grounds Its got you stumped?

Did you have the new alternator tested before you installed it? I have already purchased aftermarket parts from places like Autozone and installed them and have found they are defective. I installed a starter only to find out the starter was bad. I took it back to Autozone, they gave me another one, I asked to have it tested and IT was defective. I had to go to another store to get one that worked. freak of nature? Maybe ...but it does and has happened. Make sure the belt on the alternator isn't slipping.

Whats wrong if you just have another engine and timing belt installed in a 2001 Daewoo Leganza and now it wont start?

The alternator,or starter might need replacing,or the battery might be dead.

Why car don't start after replacing the starter?

Assuming it started before the starter was replaced, the starter and/or starter wiring are not installed correctly.

Why has the battery light come on after changing the battery alternator and starter motor?

Is it charging, if not have you checked wiring to alternator.

You installed new battery and alternator and now car cranks up sometimes usually after sitting for a couple of hours. My old batteries negative post had melted away Could starter be causing this?

Youhave a short in the system. Could be the starter or a bare wire.

Where do the ends of the positive battery cable terminate?

alternator and starter