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Izuzu Rodeo Starter Problem.No solenoid click.Battery ok.Starter relay swapped.Starter will spin when jumped to battery but does not engage without solenoid action.Might be ignition or neutral switch?

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2010-08-22 22:18:55

It is a neutral switch.

Starters on newer Isuzu will have a safety-switch installed,

even for manual transmissions. The switch, inside the transmission

or clutch, will disable the starter circuit until the vehicle is in

the proper "mode" to engage the starter.

For automatics, this means the starter won't engage unless the

transmission is in Park or Neutral.

For manuals, (stick-shifts) this means you must engage the

clutch while turning the key. Until you engage the clutch, it

will seem like the starter is dead.

You can have a look at the related link for some trouble

shooting pointers.

The safety-switch(called a Mode switch for AT) is on the side of

the transmission and the clutch switch is on a bracket in front of

the clutch pedal. It is activated (switches on) once the clutch

pedal is depressed.

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