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50.00 to 150.00 it was made in 1951

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What is a 12 gauge J C Higgins bolt action Model 58317 worth?

Up to $125.

JC Higgins Sears Roebuck 58317 year?

The JC Higgins trade name was used by Sears Roebuck from the mid 1940s to the early 1970s. The 583.17 was manufactured by High Standard, but did not have an equivalent model under the HS trademark.

How much is a JC Higgins model 58317 12 GA shotgun worth?

75 to 150 dollars

Who Manufactured the JC Higgins Model 31 rifle?

The JC Higgins Model 31 rifle was manufactured for Sears and Roebuck by Hi Standard.

What gun company manufactured the JC Higgins model 33 pump 22 cal rifle?

The J.C. Higgins Model 33 was manufactured by the High Standard company.

Who is the manufacturer of the JC Higgins Model 43 22 cal rifle?

The J.C. Higgins Model 43 was manufactured by Marlin Firearms. It is the same as the marlin Model 83 Blackhawk_45 The J.C. Higgins Model 43 was manufactured by Marlin Firearms. It is the same as the marlin Model 83 Blackhawk_45

What is the vaule of a JC Higgins Model 41?

when was the j. c. Higgins model 41 serial number 103,19780 manufactured

What company manufactured the JC Higgins model 200?


Who manufactured the 22 bolt action rifle for JC Higgins Model 103 13?

Seems like I remember seeing that Marlin mfred it.

Is the jc Higgins 12 gauge bolt action 583.1?

yes 583 1 is the first J C Higgins shotgun model and yes it is 12 gauge .It was manufactured by Harrington & Richardson for Sears in 1945

What company manufactured the j c Higgins model 583.19 for sears?


What year jchiggins sears roebuck 12 ga bolt action 58317 model?

Sometime between the mid 1940s and early 1970s.

Who Manufactured JC Higgins 12 gauge shotgun Model 102.25?

It is a Stevens Model 250A, made by them for Sears, using the Sears J.C. Higgins trade name.

Which company made the JC Higgins 12 Gauge Bolt action Model 5834 shotgun?

what is the value of the jc Higgins model 5834 today

What is the value of a JC Higgins model 45 35 rem and of a Sears and Roebuck model 42 dlm 22 mag and who manufactured them?

Both made by Marlin. The lever action .35 about $200, the .22 Mag about $125.

Why was the JC Higgins bolt action shotgun model 583.2 recalled?


How old is your jc Higgins 58317 12 gauge shotgun?

They were made in the 1950s. In 2005, Sears instituted a safety recall on their bolt action shotguns in that model. This is a non-repairable problem. Sears was reported to be offering a $50 gift card in exchange for the bolt from these shotguns (missing bolt makes them nonshootable)

What are J C Higgins Model 20 pistols worth?

The JC Higgins Model 20 was a slide-action shotgun, not a pistol. Is that the gun you have?

Where can I get a manual for a JC Higgins model 583-1101?

This is a model 11 bolt-action shotgun.

Who manufactured the 20ga. J C Higgins Model 102.25?

I belive that Remington made alot of the jc Higgins guns, but I would have to see it to be sure

Where is the serial number on a model 583.9 JC Higgins 20 Ga bolt action shotgun?

what is a J C Higgins Model 583.9 20 gauge worth

Who manufactured the 35 Rem JC Higgins 103.450 Model 45 rifle for Sears Roebuck?


Where can you get parts for a JC Higgins 22 caliber bolt action rifle model number 103.228?

Numrich Gn Parts Crp. I believe it is a Marlin Model 81. I Have A JC Higgins Model #103.229 Bolt Action E Mail

Who made the j c Higgins model 29 rifle in 22 cal?

AnswerJ.C Higgins Model 29 was manufactured for Sears by Hi Standard:Not all J C Higgins were made by Hi Standard, but this model was.Marlin, Winchester, Browning and Savage also made guns for Sears.

Jc Higgins model 50?

The receivers were manufactured on a modified Mauser action by Fabrique Nationale of Belgium. The Model 50 was made between 1951 and 1959 for Sears, Roebuck and Co. The chrome lined barrels were were manufactured by by High Standard. The most common calibers are 270 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield.

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