JN Scott shotgun?

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I can't find this name in any of my lists of manufacturers or trade-names. It probably dates from about 1890-1915 and during this time it was common for individual retailers to order shotguns with their own store's name stamped on them. Manufacture prior to 1899 would exempt it from the Federal Laws controling the inter-state transfer of firearms, but since there seems to be no documentation available for this brand and it COULD have been manufactured after 1898, any inter-state transfer would have to go through a licenced dealer. However, in most places, a private sale is not regulated.

AnswerHi I also picked a really nice J N Scott double hammer, double trigger shotgun in a 12 guage. If you break down the shotgun by removing the fore end...carefully, you may find a proof with a fancy BP with a crown over it. That indicates the proof of the barrel was circa 1856 and made in Birmingham England. Mine also, as one other person indicated, says London Stub Twist. Twist is a type of barrel, like Damascus, or Laminated. If you look up Scott, W.C. there is information on William Scott establishing 1834 as his start in Birmingham London....then passed down and so on. There are different models of WC Scott. The values range from (depending on the condition of your shotgun) $2500.00 to $8750.00. Depending also on the caliber. I would also like to know what the value of my shotgun is.

I also have a JN Scotts it was my grand fathers and possibly his fathers. It does have a serial number of 3408. It is also engraved. On the top it I read it as a child and it said September 1887 London. However I cannot prove it anymore as my father sanded it down to try to get the rust off it after my grandmother had let it set and rust for many years. You can still make out some of the engraving but not it all. There are also some other proof marks by the serial number. The engraving and the checkering on the stock is of very poor quality. I would say someones first tries. If you know how to take it apart let me know and I will examine it for more info. It is a damascas type barrel.

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Q: JN Scott shotgun?
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