J Stevens Whippet Model C

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What you have is this. Crescent Firearms was a large manfacturer of shotguns in the late 1880's in Norwich, Ct. In 1893 they sold out to H&D Folsom Arms Co. of N.Y. They produce many shotguns under over 200 names. As for your Whippet they were a large Chicago Hardware firm who they put their name on firearms. In 1931 Folsom sold out to J. Stevens who then were pick up by Savage later. Your was made in the early 1930's for this hardware co. You should have a gunsmith check for chamber length as they did not make them 2 3/4 inch till about 1927. Value is very low $50. to $100 David Pidgeon

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Q: J Stevens Whippet Model C
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What is the value of a 22 caliber J Stevens Whippet Model C?

$50-$100 Depending on the condition.

When was C. J. Stevens born?

C. J. Stevens was born on 1927-12-08.

Who manufactured the sears robuck model 20 12 gauge shotgun?

Savage Arms and J Stevens made the J. C. Higgins sears robuck and company shotgun. If you look on on the right side of it should say Stevens model (whatever model # it has here) like mine says (Stevens model 311A)

What is the manufacture date of Stevens model 82?

Stevens model 82 by the J Stevens arms co. made between 1935-1939.

What is the value of J Stevens model 870?


What is the value of a 22cal bolt j Stevens single shot hammer in the bolt model c?

25-100 USD

Which is older a model 15 or a model 52 j Stevens rifle?

the stevens model 15 was made from 1936-1945,while the stevens model 52 was made from 1933-1937.

What is the value of J Stevens Model 37 shotgun?

need information on stevens-springfield model 37 410 shotgun

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge with markings for Whippet Model C HSB and Co from J Stevens Arms Company?

If it is a 12 ga side by with a logo of a dog leaping through a circle and "WHIPPET" along with "H.S.B. & CO." it's a J. Stevens made for Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Company of Chicago, Illinois. Likely comps to STEVENS 311, if it has no serial number it is pre 1968. It's a shooter with no collector value appx $150-$250 depending on condition, slightly less than the Stevens due to off brand production. I have the same gun in 30" 2 bead, full/mod and use it as a "Buddy" gun for trap range.

What is the value of a J Stevens Arms Company Model 84 22Caliber rifle?

The J Stevens Arms Model 84 (not 84 A or 84 B or C, just model 84) production dates to 1930-1936. Very good condition it is worth 150.00. Good, 100.00, fair 75.00.

How old is a Springfield J Stevens Model 84 c 22 bolt action rifle?

Your savage/stevens model 84c was made between the years 1936-1945.there were 99,500 made during this time span.

What years was the J Stevens Arms Co model 39A produced?

The Stevens Model 39A was produced between 1939 - 1947.

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