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Jamal al-Din al-Afghani?


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September 13, 2011 10:59AM

Sayed Jamal-u-Din Afghan is one of the greatest scholars that Afghanistan has produced. But there has been confusion surrounding the citizenship of Afghani, which originates from misguided sources.

This misunderstanding roots back from the British reporters and agents who suspected the entry and departure of Afghans and foreigners into and from Afghanistan during the late 18th century and 19th century. This is due to the "Great Game" going on at that time between the Czarist Russian Empire and British Empire for the control of the Indian Subcontinent. Iran is disputing the origin of Jamal-u-din Afghan, Iran is claiming that Sayed Jamal-u-din was born in the city of Asad Abad, Iran.

This confuses some people because the provincial capital of Kunar in Afghanistan is also called Asadabad. But Jamal-u-din himself claimed in his own writing to be a true proud Afghan. (He was born1839 in Shair Garh, Kunar, Afghanistan)One of the reasons that these rumors was spread about his nationality was because he was a prominent figure in the anti-colonialism compaign against the British Empire in Afghanistan and its neighbours.

Western powers used these rumor to destroy his image and start a dispute between the two neighbours. He was also a great promoter of Islamic Unity in India, Afghanistan, Iran and the Middle East. The Western powers also opposed this kind of unity in central Asia and looked at it as a treat to the British and Russian Empire, mostly in Central Asian Republics for Czarist Russia and India and Pakistan for the British Empire.To conclude, there is no doubt that Sayed Jamal-u-din Afghan is an Afghan. In 1944 Remains of Jamaludin was returned to Afghanistan from Turkey. Afghanistan honours this great scholar and has built a monument for his great achievements in the capital, Kabul. This monument is located in the garden of one of the great universities in Asia, University of Kabul.

Dear friend , said Jamal ul dean Afghani was Afghan decendent as you can find by his name .if he weren't the Turkish gov would not sent his remais into Afghanistan, please read our philosopher Mahmood Tarzi books about said Jamal ul dean . Iranin always claim our history and our philosopher , poet and etc . if there is nothing to calim as usual their writer are bulffing, about the room was design with Persian carpet. so to bulff about Iran . there writer is trying to conculde Iran in every thing. I remember a book called man Hitler ra koshtam . the hero of this book was Iranian . also there were another book called man Bruce lee ra kashtom the hero of this book Iranian. I feel sorry for their small brian people that they claim other countries heritage and hsitory, shame on them. also lately Iranian claim farsi is the language of Iran only. shame again on you irani. pleas educate yourself.