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pretty cool things like pirouettes, chasseutes and ponies

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What are the similarities of Jazz music and the Jazz dance?

jazz is a type of music, and people dance to jazz music. there are types of jazz from different eras an different places, those different types of jazz have their own kinda types of dance styles and steps, for example swing.

What is the difference between jazz dance and jazz music?

in jazz dance you dance. in jazz music you play instruments

Is jazz a dance or music?

Jazz is a form of music and dance. Jazz music has to do with saxophone's. Jazz dance is an upbeat, technical style of dance

How is modern dance different from other dances?

Modern dance is different because it is basically a mix between jazz style dancing and ballet. It helps you become more flexible and ties in different steps from jazz, ballet, and not to mention it has many of its own very creative steps! Modern dance is different because it is basically a mix between jazz style dancing and ballet. It helps you become more flexible and ties in different steps from jazz, ballet, and not to mention it has many of its own very creative steps!

What is the name of the type of jazz dance that is more like ballet?

jazz/ballet i once took jazz classes but featured lots of ballet steps. it was called mix-it-up jazz.

Should you tap dance or jazz dance?

jazz is cool dance

What is the difference between Jazz Dance and Modern Dance?

The difference between modern and jazz dance, is that in modern dance the movements come from your own feelings and expression. Modern also has fundamentals in ballet and focuses on taking up space. Jazz dance is an older type of dance and the steps do not come from your feelings. It is faster paced and involves attitude. Both of these dance forms have traces in ballet.

How does jazz dance connect to jazz music?

It doesn't. Jazz music is COMPLETLEY different from jazz dance

What is the difference between modern dance and folk dance?

Modern dance is different because it is basically a mix between jazz style dancing and ballet. It helps you become more flexible and ties in different steps from jazz, ballet, and not to mention it has many of its own very creative steps while Folk dance is a traditional dance originating among the common people of a nation or region.

Are some of the jazz movement very difficult?

In the dance world there are many different styles. Jazz and tap are close together and there are many difficult movements and moves to properly perform jazz steps.

Do you get more flexible in modern dance or jazz dance?

Modern dance requires more flexibility than jazz dance.

What are the different types of jazz dance?

smooth jazz, jazz, and heavy jazz

How old is jazz dance?


How does jazz dance and jazz music connect?

they have absolutely nothing to do with one anothers. Jazz dance is usually to pop music.

What kind of music do you dance to in ballet and jazz?

In Jazz you dance to almost everything that has beat

How did jazz dance start?

jazz dance started just after world war 1 ended, there were a lot of social gatherings going on and people liked to dance. Jazz music was very popular around then so the dancing they did was christened Jazz Dance

How do you dance the jazz music?

The way that you dance to jazz music, is that you dance to the beat. Usually with a partner; referablly slow and spicy!

Why did bobby valintino create jazz dance?

Bobby Valintino started jazz dance to make a new dance style

What types of dance can you dance on on fifteen?

the type of dances you can dance at 15 are ballet, jazz, and lyrical (mix of jazz and ballet)

What are the basic steps of dance?

There are box steps, chanae (three step turn), chase`(french word) in Jazz dance, and flap( pronounced like fa~lap), shuffle, ball change,brush in tap! good luck!

What dance does grease do in the film?

Jazz Dance or Theatre Dance

What was Bob Fosse's dance style?

His style of dance was jazz, he created the famous jazz hands.

What style of dance did gene kelly do?

Gene Kelly considered his dance style to be a hybrid of modern, tap, and ballet. He included elements of hoofing, lyrical steps, acrobatics, and jazz dance in his self-choreographed routines.

Jazz dance history?

Dance came from African American vernacular dance of the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. They first heard of this name when the first world war started. They mixed the European music with afro modifications. Jazz came from various places such as New Orleans, St. Louis, Memphis and Kansas City these are just a few of the places were they orignated. The New Orleans is the main place where Jazz dance came from. The most important part of Jazz dance is when people walked through bars and brothels. In 1910 a popular Jazz dancer named Joe Frisco he danced in loose-limbed style close to the ground while he was juggling his derby and cigar. Jazz dance is normally referred to as tap dance because tap dancing was set to Jazz music and it was the major performance dance of the ora the later jazz age were developed in different popular forms of jazz dance suchh as the Cakewalk, Black Bottom, Charleston, Jitterbug, Boogie Woogie, Swing dancing and the related Lindy Hop. The first jazz bands included a rhythm section of string bass instruments such as Drums,Guitar or Banjo,a trombone,a clarinet, and sometime even violin. Also Jazz was taken over by large orchestras and it contained 15 or more musicians. Sometimes they would mix Jazz dancing with other styles of dance. Jazz dancing can be seen in somemusic video's a spactacular number of Las Vegas showgirls are jazz dancers. The elements of Jazz dance are jazz music, and dance style. Katherine Dunham is a grandmaster at Jazz dancing. The costumes for Jazz dance are very unique they are very sparkly. Dance can mean to move the body with rhythmic steps and motion. Dance can also mean a certain set of steps and motions, usually made in time to music. And a dance can also mean a party at which the people dance. Dancing is the act of moving the body in rhythm, usually in time to music. It seems natural for people to express themselves through rhythmic movement. Dance as art may tell a story, set a mood, or express an emotion. Some people just dance for the fun of dancing while others do it to relax or just because they can there doesn't have to be a reason why people dance it is just about expressing how you feel and injoying it. some genres of dance are Jazz Street dance Swing,Tango,Tap,Waltz ect. The term jazz dance has been used to describe a forever changing form of popular and creative dance movement ever since the 1920s. Choreography the art of composing dances also, the movements and patterns of a dance composition. Choreography can Jean Sabatine, in her book Techniques and Styles of Jazz Dancing, states that " the story of jazz dance begins with the importing of African culture to America through the American slave trade.refer to the anonymously created patterns of folk dance and non- Western classical dance. Slave traders would bring them to the deck and let them dance. The Basic Jazz Dance Steps are Jazz Square - This iconic move consists of stepping forward, then crossing the other foot over, stepping back with the first, and then bringing the feet side by side. It can be done to the left or right side, and usually is done with some extreme attitude in the upper body. Then there is Jazz walk - It is impossible to really describe the "jazz walk," as it is something like art: you know it when you see it. It is a great example of how personal attitude can be injected into the art of jazz.

What is ballet jazz?

Ballet jazz was the first style of dance, it was developed so we now have jazz pop and Broadway jazz. Ballet jazz is more ellegant and people who wish to do this style of dance need to be flexable

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