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I had one that had ring and pinion wear causing the problem could be the axle u-joints or wheel bearing assembly. With typical milage for your year you should be ready for either.

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โˆ™ 2006-11-11 16:50:08
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Q: Jeep Cherokee 98 experiencing humming noise in front end already replaced carrier bearing what else could it be?
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Whats wrong if the water pump fan and pulley are lose on a 1994 jeep grand Cherokee?

The bearing has failed in the water pump. The pump will need replaced.

What is the front wheel bearing torque spec for 1996 grand Cherokee?

It is 175 ft lbs for the front wheel bearing of a grand cherokee

96 Jeep Grand Cherokee experiencing a loud humming noise in front end when going around corners it has 140000 miles and new tires any thoughts?

It could be your bearing are bad.

What causes the fan and the pulley on the water pump to wobble on a 2001 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

The bearing in the water pump has failed and the water pump will need replaced.

Does the entire drive shaft need to be replaced in a 1999 Honda CRV or can the Hanger Bearing be replaced?

Center bearing should be replaceable after removing driveshaft

How do you change the wheel bearings grand Cherokee?

how to change front wheel bearing 2001 jeep grand cherokee

How do you change the front wheel bearing on a 1993 jeep Cherokee sport?

with wrenches.

How do you change the front wheel bearing on a suzuki xl7?

THE BEARING ASSEMBLY IS NOT REMOVABLE FROM the hub. It's replaced as a unit.

How do you change the rear wheel bearing on a 1993 jeep Cherokee left hand side?

you will need....bearing kit (includes seal) ,, approx

How AC compressor clutch bearing?

The clutch bearing for an AC compressor is located in the center of the clutch. If the bearing goes bad, then the clutch is replaced as a whole part rather than changing the bearing.

Is it possible to keep walnut trees from bearing nuts?

No .If they are already bearing nuts you cant stop them.

How do you change a wheel bearing on a Pontiac grand prix gtp?

You have to get a new hub with the bearing in it already.

How much is fixing a Pontiac grand prix se bearing?

I replaced a front wheel bearing on a 1998 GP for about $500 at a dealership. That was about 5 years ago. It's a big job to do yourself, even with air tools. The bearing is an assembly that is replaced as a unit.

96 grand Cherokee front bearing blew out can you still drive it even thogh it is full time 4wd?

No, The bearing is what your wheel rolls and sits on. No bearing mean Wheel will come off.

How do you change a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee rear wheel bearing?

How do you change a 1998 Jeep grand Cherokee rear wheel bearing you will have to remove housing in rear, break down axel, pull the side you are working on away from the wheel & replace bearing, it also requires a special tool to get into the housing case

Why is there a rattle in the idler pulley on Toyota Camry?

Bearing needs to be replaced

How do you tell if the Gearbox thrust bearing is broken?

Could be a long list of things; Noisy when clutch pressed Pulsating pedal with engine running Difficult to ingage gears Slipping clutch or harsh vibrations The thrust bearing, and fork, should be replaced when the clutch is replaced. Bearing Slide and Fly wheel should be inspected and replaced if need be.

How do you remove the bearing seal on the front rotor of a 2003 Chevrolet S10?

If this S10 is a 4+4, the seal and bearing is not serviceable. The hub and bearing assembly is replaced as one unit.

What would cause the right rear wheel of a 1996 Grand Caravan to overheat at high speeds Already replaced brake hardware cylinder and bearing?

Only three things that I can think of. Either the axle nut is too tight, bad bearing/lack of grease, or the brake is dragging.

How do you repack bearings on your 96 Grand Cherokee Dana 30 differential?

The bearing are sealed and can not be repacked.

1997 Jeep Cherokee front dragging noise?

possible brake or wheel bearing problem

How do you lube front wheel bearings on 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

They are a sealed bearing and are not greaseable.

Why does th rearend in a 96 Cherokee roar?

Possibly low of lube, or worn ring gear and pinion. Another possiblility is a defective wheel bearing or axle bearing.

Why does your 2001 jeep Cherokee make a grinding noise when moving It sounds like it is coming from the drive shaft?

Could be a U-joint, wheel bearing, axle bearing.

Can the heater blower motor in a 1999 S10 pickup be repaired and not replaced?

no, the bearing usally go out on them. i just replaced the 1 on mine.