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infiniteprince1@yahoo.com- it realy works!!!!!!!!
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What is the address of the record label Wind?

Wind Records .   Wind Music, founded in 1988, is one of the leading independent companies with the most wholesome marketing and sales network in Taiwan. With its objec

How can you get the Jive record labels number now?

Jive Record Label was acquired in 2002 and is now known as Zomba Label Group.. Contact Information . Address: Zomba House, 165-167 High Rd. London NW10 2SG, United Kingdom

What is Hollywood Records email address?

They don't have a public email address. You can always write them trough: Hollywood Records, Inc. 500 S Buena Vista Street Burbank, CA 91521-6369 USA

How can i get signed with zomba jive record label?

Find their address, mail them a demo with press info. If possible, try to get in contact with managers/agents that represent established artists from the same label. Make cont

How can you get sign too zomba and jive record label?

Pretty much the only way to get signed to a major record label is to start out small. Get signed to an independent record label and move your way through the ranks. OR... Gen

What is badboy records email address?

\nI'm not sure but, go to google and look up contact information. It gives you there location and phone number but, again I'm not sure. I've only been on there once.. \nI'm n

Interscope records email address?

Interscope Records is a huge company. They have different emailaddresses for different departments. Go to their page and scroll tothe bottom and click the link for the departm
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Does shady records have email address?

I dontt think so, eminem and shady records tend not to have there email adress out there on the internet, because it will just get full of fan mail.
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Does Apple Records have an email address?

Apple Corps Limited does not publish an email address for general inquires, most likely due to the desire to avoid fan mail clogging up their systems. Apple can be contacted