John Wayne gold band on his wrist?

I think it was actually a copper band and it was an MIA (missing in action) band with the name of one soldier missing in the Viet Nam war. After the war there was much publicity about missing soldiers and the efforts to find and bring them home. Those bracelets were sold as a way to raise funds and awareness to the plight of America's missing military men.

I don't think so, the MIA bands were flat, so those MIA could have their names listed and the date they went missing. The band you see John maybe wear is more then likely a Montagnard Friendship Band.

Montagnard Friendship Bracelet

This 'Yard bracelet came directly from a Special Forces veteran who was given it and wore it in Vietnam. It was a sign of trust and a mark of respect from the Montagnard people to their SF advisors and paymasters. The Montagnards were despised by the Vietnamese, who looked down upon them as savages.