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Q: Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal was a satirical suggestion for how to solve the problems in Ireland?
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In a modest proposal What problems does the narrator say poor children cause for Ireland?

In Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal, the narrator says that poor children are a burden to their parents and country. He suggests satirically that they should be used for food for the rich.

Does Satirical arguments offer real solutions to real problems?

absolutly not

What is a modest proposal about?

A Modest Proposal was a satire written in 1729 by Jonathan Swift and published anonymously. The proposal sarcastically suggests that Irish children, in order not to burden their parents and be publicly beneficial, ought to be sold as food for the richer social classes. The essay was meant to bring attention to social problems of the day.

Example of Jonathan swifts in satire?

In "A Modest Proposal", Jonathan Swift "advocated" eating babies as a way to solve the problems of famine in Ireland at that time. He was not serious of course but it was done as a way of ridiculing England's policy at that time of starving the Irish.

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In A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift What does Swift say is a big problem in the cities and towns of Ireland?

Jonathan Swift wrote a satirical (Juvenalian) essay about troubled times in Ireland in the 1700's. To summarize the question, the papists were having to many children resulting in overpopulation and their parents were unable to provide for them. So there you have the Catholics having kids upon kids and then unable to feed and clothe them The poverty level was rising horrorifically and resulted in Ireland's economy to crash. So why not sell your children to the rich englishmen (or, "landlords") so they can eat them? The parents will experience a financial benefit and all of the above problems will basically be counteracted.

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What problems was Ireland facing when swift wrote a modest proposal?

Absentee landlords who lived in England

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