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Jose mixes 1.00g of water at 0'c with 10g of water at 100c maria mixes 10g of water at 0c with 1.00g of water at 100c who will have mixture with a higher temperature?


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October 01, 2008 7:40AM

Assuming that the water at 1000c does not evaporate,

heat capacity for water = 4.181J/ g 0c,

Heat is not loss to the surroundings,

Heat gained = heat loss

Energy = Mass x Heat capacity x change in temperature

For Jose,

1 x 4.181 x (A-0) = 10 x 4.181 x (100-A)

Solve for A

A = 90.90c ( A is the final temperature )

For Maria,

10 x 4.181 x (A-0) = 1 x 4.181 x (100-A)

Solve for A

A = 9.090c

Therefore, Jose's mixture has a higher temperature.