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Joseph Haydn What connects a Paris symphony with a Brahms Piano Trio?

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What famous work did Haydn compose?

Franz Joseph Haydn or Joseph Haydn as he later became is famous for works such as the Surprise Symphony, The Creation Symphony and The Seasons Symphony.

Who is the father of modern symphony?

Franz Joseph Haydn

Who composed suprise symphony?

Joseph Haydn

Who is considered the father of symphony?

Franz Joseph Haydn

Who was the father of the symphony and the string quartet?

Joseph Haydn

What did haydn help establish four of?

Haydn helped establish four of the symphony movements. Franz Joseph Haydn developed the piano trio and is often called the Father of Symphony.

What is the composer's name of the surprise Symphony no 94?

Franz Joseph Haydn

What were franz Joseph haydn enlightenment ideas?

they composed the sonata an the symphony

When was symphony 94 written?

Do you mean by Joseph Haydn. The composition year was 1791

What are famous pieces by Joseph Haydn?

Joseph Haydn is most popular for his 104 symphonies and 84 string quartets. Surprise symphony, Clock symphony, The Frog quartet, The Fifths quartet are some of his most popular pieces.

Who composed symphony no. 94 surprise?

Surprise symphony was written by Joseph Haydn, an Austrian composer from the Classical era.

What did franz Joseph haydn do?

He composed music. He was known as the "father of the symphony" in many respects.

What major composer was partly responsible for its development of the development of symphony?

Franz Joseph Haydn

One of the most noted composers during the Enlightenment honored as the father of the symphony?

Joseph haydn

Father of symphony?

Joseph Haydn is popularly regarded as the father of the symphony. He composed during the Classical period, and contributed significantly to the development of chamber music.

What cereal commercial played franz Joseph haydn surprise symphony?

probably cornflakes

When was Symphony No 94 in G 'Surprise' - Andante written?

It was written by Joseph Haydn in 1791.

What are the nicknames for symphony No 96 Haydn?

Miracle Symphony.

Is Beethoven sometimes referred to as The Father of the Symphony?

No. Franz Joseph Haydn is the "Father of Symphonies"/ "Father of String Quartets". Beethoven studied under Haydn from 1791-1793 while Haydn was touring Europe.

Who was the famous composr of the classical period who established the overall form of the symphony in four contrasting movements?

Joseph Haydn (Austrian, 1732-1809). He was known as the 'Father of the Symphony'.

What composer wrote Symphony 94 in G which is also called surprise?

Franz Joseph Haydn, Austrian (1732-1809).

Who composed the surprise symphony?


Who composed a symphony to surprise a sleeping king?

Haydn = Surprise Symphony

Haydn was instrumental in the creation of what popular orchestral form?


What are the different dynamics use by Franz Joseph Haydn in the Surprise of Symphony?

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