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check the code first, some gm cars will compesate for low voltage by increasing idle speed. check voltage on battery. charge it then try it. cheap thought

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Where do I purchase theReplacement plastic retaining clips for the pontaic Aztec?

where ever you bought the car from.

In which case is someone being a consumer?

Jamal is listening to some music that he just bought (apex)

How do you clean an interior brick floor?

You can clean an interior brick floor with water and a mop. If the floor is extremely dirty, you can use a store bought brick cleaner detergent to mop the floor.

Where do bought fish lay their eggs?

Normally, most domesticated/bought fish would lay their eggs in the tank, anywhere really, normally overnight. This will only happen if you have 2 opposite sex of the same kind of fish.

If we bought a cooked chicken and left it out overnight will it still be okay to eat?

Probably not. Two hours is the maximum time that potentially hazardous food should be allowed to be at room temperature. Overnight exceeds that by quite a bit. Do not eat it. You could become very sick.

How do you sell your intiore that you have bought from other stardolls on stardoll?

Go to design & sell and click 'my bazaar'. then, click on 'interior u can sell' and choose some stuff to sell then choose a price 4 ur interior!

Where can one purchase car LED interior lights?

LED interior lights can be bought everywhere from the car dealer. One can purchase it from Canadian Tire, Amazon, eBay and any home store, such as Home Depot.

NASCAR driving school?

Richard Petty Driving Experience (you can find it online by googling). It's the coolest experience EVER! I bought it for my hubby for Christmas a few years ago.....

How quickly does USPS deliver packages?

It depends on what type of package it is, how heavy it is, and what service was bought. The packages could be delivered as fast as overnight or up to 12 days business days.

What does it mean if You have steam coming from your heater outlets whilst driving?

Essentially, it means you are screwed. Shouldn't have bought a jeep.

Just bought a car and was driving home with no plates or insurance home?

Not very smart. You could be caught and ticketed.

You bought a car from dealer yesterday after signing papers they gave you the keys and you left but later on you saw that the interior is so messed upcan you return the car?

yes you can not

How can you take back a truck you bought in your name for someone else if he has not made a payment?

""I bought a truck in my name,""Then its YOUR truck, so go get it. I wouldn't want anyone driving MY truck in MY name. I am LIABLE for anything that happens.

Where can one buy cheap customized calendars?

Cheap customized calendars can be bought from Print Pelican, The Calendar Company, Calendars For Less, Funky Pigeon, Cafe Press, Overnight Prints and Zazzle.

Is a 1989 Honda prelude with 210000 miles on it for 1500 a good buy?

i bought my 89 prelude 2.0si with 190,000 straight body good interior for only $800

If you drive used car home and it leaks quart of oil overnight can you return it?

Depends on your contract. Get it out and read it. Some have an "as is" clause and that means you bought as it was leaks and all. It may have a 60 day return in the contract so you could return it. If the dealer or person you bought it from is honest he or she may fix it or allow you to return it.

How much would insurance be if you bought a dodge neon for 5000 dollars?

Insurance costs also depend on your age, driving record, and where you live.

How much would a 1980 280 zx cost?

AnswerI just bought a 280zx, 1983, with little rust and overall good interior/exterior shape with a I4 engine in it for $500.

What did David Livingsotne Do?

David Livingstone was a very famous Scottish Missionary who worked for many years in interior Africa for many years and it was his work mainly that bought Christianity to Africa.

Why does my 2003 ford crown Victoria lx head lights goes off while driving?

probably because you bought a car designed by baboons.

Can you back out of a car contract after driving the car off the lot?

I bought a used car on friday, the car has more problems than I was aware off

Is valid nepali license in India?

Yes, it is valid in India. I have bought a car in India using my Nepalese driving licence and also the cops have agreed to it .

Where can you buy krill or zooplankton?

Frozen krill can actually be bought at either petco or petsmart. Yes these places are a bit pricey but weigh the options of buying online and overnight freight charges and the prices then aren't really that bad.

Where online can one purchase Mustang interior parts?

Mustang Interior parts can be bought online via a web page from a company called Mustang Depot, they are based in Sunset Road, No 3, Las Vegas, Nevada 89120. They specialise from between 1965 all the way up to current date.

You bought a used corolla Toyota 2002 no warrenty from a Galeana Dealer ship in Ft Myers Fl driving the car home blue smoke came from the engine they took your money and do not wish to replace the car?

If you bought the car "as is" with no warrantee, you have no legal recourse.

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