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Doesnt say if you had unprotected sex or not, so cant tell if your pregnant. Anyway, it normally takes two weeks or so to feel any pregnancy symptoms. We women don't ovulate for 10-14 days after our periods and you have to have a egg to fertilize. So its unlikely. Your hormones are getting back into place after having period so that's probably it. To be safe in a week or so get a test from store. If that's positive, which I don't think it will be, then go to the Dr. to be sure. Have protected sex at all times so not to risk pregnancy.

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Is it possible to be pregnant and not have tender or swollen breasts?

Yes it is quiet possible .

Is it possible to have Swollen breasts just 18 days into cycle?

you should not have swollen breasts when you get your period, if they feel like they are getting bigger, this is a sign of being pregnant. Your nipples will also get darker in color and your breasts will be tender to the touch.

Could you be pregnant if your breasts are swollen but not sore?


Are you pregnant if your breasts are swollen but don't hurt?

Both the times I was pregnant my breasts were swollen but not sore right away but only a pregnancy test will tell you for sure.

Why are your breasts swollen?

most likely because your pregnant.

What causes sore and swollen breasts when not pregnant?


How do you no if you are pregnant before 2 weeks?

It is not likely that you will be able to tell so soon. However, it is possible you could have morning sickness or swollen breasts.

When your breasts get hard is that a sign of pregnancy?

Your breasts should not be hard when youre pregnant. they get tender and swollen. they will probably hurt if you are pregnant. if you have anymore questions about pregnancy contact me at --answer-- It can be, however pre-menstrual symptoms are exactly the same as pregnancy symptoms. It is incredible how tender and painful breasts can become during pregnancy but also before a period, too. You know that you are pregnant when a test comes +. Or when it is comfirmed by a doctor. Even with many pregnancy symptoms never believe that you are pregnant unless you KNOW it for sure by seeing a OB/Gyn. Good luck!

I had a fever and diarrhea does that mean I am pregnant?

If these are your only symptoms then you are probably just ill. Your pregnancy symptoms will include nausea, swollen tender breasts, missed period, increased sense of smell, weight gain, etc.

Can your stomach being hard and breasts being swollen mean you are pregnant?


What happens after implantation bleeding stops?

After Implantation you develop other pregnancy symptoms such as vomiting, swollen breasts and other common symptoms

Why is your dog been of heat for 3 months and her breasts are still swollen?

Bitch is pregnant.

Are these pregnancy symptoms?

There are many symptoms that could indicate pregnancy. Swollen and tender breasts are one symptom. Weight gain, nausea, and exhaustion are some other more common symptoms. Some or all could be indications that you are pregnant but all could also be symptoms of something else.

When do you began pregnancy symptoms?

You actually start getten symptoms day after unprotected sex your breasts might feel tingely or swollen,tender

Does it mean you are pregnant if you bleed brownish red and cramp in the cervix?

Not necessarily. Your symptoms of pregnancy will be missed period, nausea, weight gain, increased sense of smell, swollen tender breasts etc.

Could you be pregnant if you are suffering from cramps swollen abdomen swollen breasts lower backache and extreme tiredness?

Sure sounds like pregnancy to me.

Nausea tired swollen breast no period can you be pregnant?

YES, it is pregnancy symptoms.

You feel pregnant but you have gotten your period every month like you should How can you know without a test?

There is not for sure way to tell that you are pregnant without a test, especially if you suspect that you are pregnant. Look for symptoms such as swollen/tender breasts, nausea, missed period, and fatigue/tiredness.

Are you pregnant if your breasts are swollen your lower back aches your period is late and you have diarrhea?

It's a possibility.

I have sore swollen breasts before and over a week after after my period could i be pregnant?

Take a test

Could you be pregnant if you're having pregnancy symptoms such as a metal taste in your mouth tender swollen bluish veins on breasts and frequent urination and fatigue but you're also bleeding?

It is still possible to have bleeding during pregnancy, you should still consult a Doctor because if you are pregnant the bleeding could be symptoms of certain pregnancy complications that could become dangerous, possibly life threatening.

Your breasts are sore and swollen this is not a normal pms symptom for you so What is going on?

It very well could be that you are pregnant.

Could your partner notice your pregnant before yourself?

It's possible but if that is the case, you need to learn to be more in tune with your body. Although not every woman experiences all, any or the same pregnancy symptoms, you should be on the lookout for symptoms such as fatigue, tender/swollen breasts, color change in the nipple area, upset stomach, missed period etc.

What is the chance of pregnancy is you have swollen breasts and a bigger tummy?

Well, it could be just period symptoms, i.e., breasts are growing and your bloated, but if you've actually noticed your stomach is considerably bigger I'd say youre pregnant for sure. Take the First Response test and find out.

You think im pregnant you have a lot of symptoms nausea dizziness cravings fatigue swollen and tender breasts but when you stand up your stomach is really hard?

all this does not usually set in until around the third month of pregnancy. A lot of woman think their pregnant and do cause their bodies to do all this, even thought they are not pregnant. Many woman have a lot of these symptoms most of the time!