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If Circuit City goes under, chances are the courts will order a third party to handle the warranties, as one possibility. They could order refunds on the unused portion of your extended warranty, or some other arrangement. If you hear about Circuit City going bankrupt, I'd not hesitate writing the court handling the bankruptcy proceedings and bring the issue up with them. Most likely, Circuit City will go for a reorganization and close a few stores around the country in an effort to stay solvent.

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Should a Christian file bankruptcy?

Filing bankruptcy has no affiliation with religion. If filing bankruptcy is he best financial options available, then you should do it.

How long should you keep bankruptcy paperwork?

Paperwork relating to the bankruptcy should be kept until at least the bankruptcy is off your credit report.

Bankruptcy attorneys should do their work pro bono.?

Bankruptcy attorneys should do their work pro bono.

Can you hold your passport after you get declared bankruptcy?

A bankruptcy filing or discharge in bankruptcy should not have any effect on your US passport.

The circuit court sent garnishment payments they received to the creditor after the date they filed the hold on the garnishment due to bankruptcy should I get that money back?

It's not your money any more. The bankruptcy trustee may be able to get the money if the amount was high enough, since it is a preference, but not you.

How should an obligation that is discharged in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy be reflected in a subsequent credit report?

The debt should be identified as being in bankruptcy or discharged in bankruptcy. It will remain on the list for 7 years. The bankruptcy will remain on the report for 10 years.

If a bankruptcy was discharged on an account that was sold to another lender and the original creditor is marking it as a charge off should it be marked as bankruptcy by the original creditor?

Yes, this debt should have been marked as a bankruptcy by the original creditor. It cannot be changed from a bankruptcy to a discharge unless the bankruptcy did not go through.

What if you had file bankruptcy and you kept your home what do you have to do to get in the bankruptcy now?

You need to start off by talking to your bankruptcy experts. They should be able to help.

Questions To Ask When Meeting with a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

If you are planning to file a bankruptcy, you should find an experienced, competent bankruptcy lawyer if you want to succeed. Filing a bankruptcy is a huge decision, but it can help you lift the burden of financial debt from your shoulders. When you meet with a bankruptcy lawyer, you should ask the following questions. Ask your bankruptcy lawyer if you should file a bankruptcy and find out what options you have. A good bankruptcy lawyer can help you decide if you should file a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You should also find out what the negative effects and benefits are for filing a bankruptcy. You should find out who will be handling your case. Sometimes the person you meet or speak with is the not the person that handles bankruptcy cases. It would be a good idea for you to talk with the person who is handling your case to discuss your concerns. If you do not feel comfortable with the person who is handling your case, you should find a new bankruptcy lawyer. You should also find out if the bankruptcy lawyer is experienced. Find out how many years he has been handling bankruptcy cases. You should only hire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to represent your case. When you are shopping around for bankruptcy lawyers, find out how much they charge for their services. Some bankruptcy lawyers charge a flat fee and others charge an hourly rate. Also, you should find out if there are any additional costs for using their services. Compare rates with several lawyers before you choose one to represent you. When you are comparing bankruptcy lawyers, you should also find out what the process involves, what they will need from you, and how long the whole process will take before you find out if your case is approved. Before you meet with a bankruptcy lawyer, jot down any other questions or concerns that you have. That way, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Do you want to pay money for repairing products having warranty?

No if I have a warranty then you shouldnt have to pay anything the warranty should cover it.

How does one know if they should file for bankruptcy?

An individual shouldn't take filing for bankruptcy lightly. A bankruptcy should only be considered if that person is drowning in debt and has exhausted all other solutions.

401k and bankruptcy?

I believe new bankruptcy law exempts all retirement from being touch during bankruptcy so it should be safe

What are the Florida limits on home exemption in bankruptcy?

I believe you home is safe as long as it is your homestead in a bankruptcy. You should consult a bankruptcy attorney to be safe.

How do you know what type of bankruptcy you should file?

The best way to find out would be to sit down with a bankruptcy lawyer who would be able to advise you of the different types and whether bankruptcy is the right option for you. Generally speaking, Chapter 7 bankruptcy (straight bankruptcy) is liquidated bankruptcy whereas Chapter 13 bankruptcy (repayment plan bankruptcy) is reorganization bankruptcy

What happens when a judgment is against us while in the process of claiming bankruptcy?

If you are filing bankruptcy, you should have a bankruptcy lawyer onboard, and this is a question for him or her to deal with. You do not want to go through a bankruptcy on your own, especially as the bankruptcy rules have changed.

What should a person know about bancruptcy?

There are several things one must know about bankruptcy. The most important include the six basic types of bankruptcy options and at what point one should file for bankruptcy.

How can you find out the date a bankruptcy should be removed from your credit report?

Look at the date your bankruptcy was filed. 10 years from that date it should be off.

What should the circuit be in order to light the bulb?

The circuit should be a complete circuit. The electricity should go through the bulb and go back to the source.

Do iPod Nanos come with a warranty?

Most iPod products come with a warranty and the limit of that warranty depends on the product. All products should come with a warranty information in the box.

What happens to your credit rating when you file bankruptcy?

Credit rating plummets when filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy should be the last resort and one should try everything to not go bankrupt - keep saving as much as possible.

Should divorce prior to bankruptcy?

divorce should not prior to bankruptcy. you agreed to love this person unconditionally through worse times. you should stick together and work this probem out.

Who should be aloud to declare bankruptcy?

he goverment

How bad is it to do a foreclosure and a bankruptcy at the same time?

You technically should not be able to do both at the same time. The bankruptcy should stop the Foreclosure proceedings in its track.

Should a fuse or a circuit breaker be connected in parallel to the circuit it is protecting?

No it should be in series.

Do iPod touches come with warranty?

If you buy them from an official store you should get the standard 1 year Warranty included. Extra warranty can usually be bought.

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