Just received a check in the mail from my workmen comp administrator which said paid in full-explain please?

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To be covered by workers' compensation, you must be an employee and be accidentally injured while doing your job, or get sick from doing your job, like being exposed to asbestos from ripping out ceiling tiles while doing renovation work.
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How do you find out if you are getting your workmens comp?

The applicant will receive a letter informing them that their claim has either been denied or approved. If the claim is denied the letter will include instructions on how to file an appeal. If the claim is approved, the letter will state the amount awarded, when benefit payments will commence, and o ( Full Answer )

If you hurt your foot at work just by working can you get workmens comp?

Workman's Compensation Insurance is specifically for work related injuries. State laws control the way WCI is regulated, meaning the requirements that are needed to collect a claim, the amount of the claim and so forth. Not all employer's are required to participate in WCI therefore not all employee ( Full Answer )

Is it true if your workmans comp. case worker said if you get a lawyer your checks will stop?

Not true at all. You are entitled to have legal representation, if you so choose. The fact that you have received payments from the system would appear to me to indicate that your application has been approved. Any comments from the case worker, to you, should be discussed with his/her supervisor, t ( Full Answer )

Do you need workmens comp for a small business?

I believe that it depends on the state you live in and how many employees you will have. In Michigan if you have more than 4 additional employees you have to have it. Answer All 50 states require Workers Comp though most if not all have exemptions. In Texas, you can select a Non-Subscription prod ( Full Answer )

Can you receive workmens comp for mental injury caused by a hostile work environment?

Eligible for compensation. Preexisting conditions that the work place acclerates or aggravates. Mental and physical strain by increased work duties or work related stress. Demands of the job and a supervisor's constant harassment. An attorney can explain what you can expect at every step of the clai ( Full Answer )

What could happen to you if you filed a Chapter 7 and then asked for a conversion to a 13 because you started getting workmens comp checks but you live off your pension funds since your umemployment?

Answer . A chapter 13 would probably be allowed if the person can present an acceptable plan of repaying creditors to the the trustee. The involved party might wish to discuss other options with a qualified attorney before making the decision to file any type of BK. Pension and disability benefi ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to receive a workmens comp benefit check?

Answer . \nMy husband is currently on workmans comp and has been since July 2006. It took about 6 weeks before we received the first check from workmans comp. However it was back dated to the date of the injury, and paid in one lump sum. From that point we receive checks weekly.

Can you be terminated from your employer if you have a workmens comp claim?

Answer . No, but there is a Statute of Limitations as to how long you can go on WCB and when it becomes a Disibility. Go to your Labor Relations Board about this. If you have a WCB claim then you must have hurt yourself on the job obviously. WCB has all rights to any reports from your doctor rela ( Full Answer )

Who needs workmens comp?

Answer . Anyone who works for wages in the USA. Answer . ...or other compensation, such as a volunteer working for goodwill for his fellow man, or to see a concert for free, or a worker who works to have "free" room and board, or who works for a US employer anywhere else in the world (Foreign ( Full Answer )

If you are on workmens comp under doctors care and your employer said you were ramdom picked for drug testing do you still have to go?

Answer . Absolutely. The employer is still paying you, even if it's through workman's comp. Technically, you still work for him and are bound to the company's policies.. Answer . Yes. My Mom cut her finger really bad at work and had to get stitches. Then 2 days later a random drug test ca ( Full Answer )

What determines a workmens comp settlement amount?

I'm actually in the same position that you are as far as workers' compensation. According to my lawyer, the settlement amount is determined by the pecentage of damage to you innjuried area and whether or not you are personally disabled to the point that you cannot provide for your family. You are se ( Full Answer )

What is the workmens comp settlement for a knee?

Depends on what u had done as far as surgery, how longout of work,disabilty after u have been approved to go back to work, need to talk to free legal advise before u settle having surgery to repair torn ligament caused by fall, job requires standing 8+ hrs daily is workmans comp settlement available ( Full Answer )

What is workmens comp?

A insurance provided by employers for injured employees. There is a provision in Texas law whereby an employer may elect not to purchase workmens' comp insurance. About 33% of Texas employers do not have WC insurance.

If fica was deducted am i entittled to workmens comp?

Answer . FICA has nothing to do with workers' comp. FICA are the deductions for Social Security (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) and Medicare. State law usually requires workers' comp for businesses over a certain size. It covers work-related medical expenses. So you have to find out if your ( Full Answer )

Auto related workmens comp?

Worker's Comp MAY cover an injury from a motor vehicle accident IFthe accident is arising from, and in the course and scope of youremployment. It will NOT cover an injury sustained while merelycommuting to work. However, someone such as a delivery driver thatis hurt while delivering, IS covered.

You receive a check in the mail how do you verify that the check is good?

Individuals and Consumers: For consumers or individuals, it is much more difficult to verify a single check because banks are being increasingly more concerned with privacy issues. A service is available to look up single checks by the routing number if you have a land line phone and are willi ( Full Answer )

Do you have to pay medical insurance whill off on workmens comp?

Even though you're out of work due to a worker's comp case, your premiums for your medical insurance still need to be paid. Just keep in mind that your medical insurance pays for medical illness and isn't related to worker's comp. Your employer may be willing to help you pay the premiums until you g ( Full Answer )

Can you get fired after returning to work after workmens comp?

Legally, an employer can terminate you for a number of things, however; it is unlawful for them to fire you for filing a work comp claim. I would suggest very strongly, that you keep great documentation of your experiences at work. If you are being harassed, job description is changed without proper ( Full Answer )

What is the law in Pennsylvania reguarding workmens comp?

The law is probably many volumes, thousands of pages - and it would not be feasible to reprint the entire legal code pertaining to Comp here. You can contact the PA Bureau of Workers' Compensation at 800-482-2382 inside PA or at 717-772-4447.. TTY: 800-362-4228 (hearing & speech impaired only)

Do you need workmens comp in South Carolina?

According to my source, if you have 4 or more employees, SC requires that you carry Workers' Comp (WC.) If you're exempt, check with the state to determine how to exercise the exemption option . Often employers just fail to have coverage, but there may be more to the process.. Note that an exemp ( Full Answer )

Can you have a person injury suit and be on workmens comp?

Generally, the answer is no, if you are looking to sue your employer, and yes, if you are looking to sue an outside party. The exclusive remedy doctrine (which is one of the core principles of the workers' compensation system) states that, with a very few exceptions the workers' compensation system ( Full Answer )

How do you Know if the check you received in the mail is legal?

Try to cash it and you will find out if it is real, however, read the small type first because by cashing the check you may be agreeing to something that is explained in the small type. This scam has been around for a long time. I am surprised you never saw it before. Technically you are allowed to ( Full Answer )

Can you receive workman s comp checks while in prison?

Once your WC claim is approved and payments begin, you receive payments until released to return to work. Being in prison is irrelevant, as long as your doctor says you are still unable to work. I have paid incarcerated WC beneficiaries in several states.

Can workmens comp settlement be garnish?

In some states they can be, usually for child support liens. Sometimes if the settlement is less than a certain amount, though, it cannot be garnished.

Can you get paid in 1099 and still receive workers comp?

An employer can choose to cover even independent contractors paid on 1099's. We do. The alternative is being subject to suit if the conyractor is injured while performing work. Employers CAN require in contracts that contractors carry WC on themselves.

Does workmens comp have the right to refuse benefits?

They do, if it is suspected (or proven) that the injuries you are claiming are not job related, or if your employer was not a part of the contributing pool of employers. If you disagree there are built-in appeal mechanisms to the initial decision.

How long do you have to be off to collect workmens comp?

To the best of my knowledge, there is no minimum time you have to be absent before you can collect worker's compensation payments, provided you are missing work due to an injury or illness related to working your position.

What date and year did workmens comp become workers comp?

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