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Just replaced front brakes and rotors should they be making a slight grinding or squealing noise at first until they wear in?


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No! Something is wrong.


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Your pads or discs are worn. The brakes will fail soon if not replaced.

The grinding sound means that the brake pads are worn down to metal and that sound you hear is metal to metal. you need to have the pads changed, the problem is that you will more than likely have to change the rotors also. The way to avoid this in the future is when you notice your brakes are making a squealing sound that means that the pads will need to be changed soon.

The pump will need replaced if it is grinding.

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Have your brakes checked, rust or wear on brakes can cause grinding when turning.

The squealing sound you hear when your car brakes are wearing out is referred to as a "squealer." This indicator is a strip of metal that when the brake pad wears down makes contact with the rotor making a metal on metal noise.

If your brakes are making a squeaking or a grinding noise when you are coming to a stop this is usually an indicator that your brake pads need to be replaced. Also, another sign that your brakes need to be replaced would be if your brake pedal goes all the way to the floor when pressed and it seems to be taking longer to stop.

Check or have them checked immediatley. They are going to fail REAL soon.

Squeaky brakes can be caused by using cheap pads. You do not normally squeaking brakes from worn pads. It's more of a grinding noise when the pads are low, due to the metal on the pad making contact with the disc.

You still have air in the back brake lines or they are not adjusted properly which is making the front brakes take the full load

That is the correct spelling of "squealing" (making high-pitched sounds, or slang for informing).

Something is very wrong. Either defective brake pads or they were installed incorrectly. Have them inspected immediately.

probably, if the pads are worn, or the rotors \ drums are scarred, there will be a grinding noise, plus you should be able to feel it through the brake pedal. most modern brake systems have quealers on the pads to tell you when they are getting worn and should be replaced. If you have a disc brake system, you should be able to inspect the rotors quite easily. Look for gouges in the surface of the rotor. If they are badly gouged, they should be turned or replaced.

It's your vehicles way of telling you to change your pads. If the grinding noise is present when you use the brakes, the pad is almost gone. If the noise is present after the brake has been released you're getting close to damaging the rotor and you need to put pads in asap.

97 grand am rubbing/grinding noise from right front that is not wheelbearing or brakes

Sounds like it is time for new brake pads, you should take it in and and have them replaced before you damage your rotors. I think --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most likely you have a caliper that is not releasing. I am replacing both calipers and pads tomorrow on my 1997 B2300 SE. My right caliper would squeal until I touched the break pedal but start squealing again. I drove it this way for 6 mos. till the pads were gone.

my guess would be to have your brakes checked... or maybe you are dragging something...

It's going to be your radiator fan clutch. Mine was squealing for a while until finally it turned into clanging. It was pretty bad. I'm in the process now of replacing mine. That should be your next step.

The real question is what kind of noise is it making when you brake. A pulsing type of noise could possibly just be the anti lock brakes working which would be more noticalbe in slippery conditions. A high pitched squealing type noise is probably the brake pads indicating the pads are in need of replacement, unless you just replaced them then it might be the type of pads you put on and the noise should go away after a couple days of driving. A grinding noise could mean your brake pads are to worn and grinding into your rotors causing a more expensive repair and if not taken care of soon enough your vehicle could become inoperable at any time while your trying to go somewhere.

Its not your bearings you idiot its your brakes. Take it in and have them replaced.

Get your car to a garage immediately! No car should be making any grinding noises while driving. this may suggest a slipping clutch, faulty brakes or maybe even damage to the piston and combustion chambers. it could be either of them which is why this needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

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