Just started running around 3 miles a day and the first run was 20 minutes the question is What is the avg for a beginner and what should your goal be for 6 months from now?

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2011-08-13 16:10:17

okay, the guy from the previous answer is out of his mind. 3

miles in 20 minutes is decent if you're 16 years old and are on

your school's track team. otherwise it's GREAT!

It all depends on your height and current weight. If you're

heavy and average height, do at least one hour (about 5 to 6

miles). If you're lighter and average height, you can just do 4

miles in 30 minutes (at least 3 times/wk for health or 5 times/wk

to lose weight).

Of course, the more you do it, the more calories you burn, so

more intense or longer time is always better, but 4 miles in 30

minutes is ideal for an average man.

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