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Jya2hf002ha003679 This is a 1987. want to know gas oil ratio 2000 yz 80 stock bike

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โˆ™ 2007-11-04 15:40:09
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Q: Jya2hf002ha003679 what year is it Yamaha yz80?
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How much oil does a 1996 Yamaha yz80 crankcase hold?

The amount of oil that a Yamaha yz80 will holdÊdepends on the year. A 1996ÊYamaha yz80 crankcase holdsÊhalf a quart of oil.Ê

In what year was the Yamaha yz80 first made?

i am pretty sure it is 1974

What year is Yamaha yz80 vin is jya3mmw04ka000835?

The 10th digit is the year and K is a 1989.

What year is Yamaha YZ80 JYA3RBW05XA126510?

You have a 1999 YZ 80, 10th digit is X.

What year is your yz80?

how do i find out what year my yz80 is

How fast does a Yamaha yz80 go?


In what year did Yamaha first make a water cooled YZ80?

1982 is the first liquid cooled 80

What is the seat height of a Yamaha YZ 80?

The seat height on a 2001 Yamaha yz80 33.6 in.

How fast does a Yamaha 1999 YZ80 go?

65 MPH

How much gear oil does a Yamaha yz80 hold?

If your YZ is a crankcase induction model say 1990 to 2008, it's usally 500ml by the book Hello: You need to let us know the year of your YZ80********

What is the motorbike in the film dirt bike kid?

It is a 1985 Yamaha YZ80

How do you decode the serial numbers on Yamaha YZ80?

4 LB-008267

What is the oil gas mixture ratio for a Yamaha YZ80?


Is a Yamaha YZ80 a 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

2 stroke

Where is the oil drain plug on a Yamaha YZ80 1993?

middle bolt right under crank cake side... where it says yamaha.. right under that.

What year was last production for Yamaha yz80?

it was in 2004 when yet people were failing to buy the product. Many people rode it but due to the yz85 it outnumbered the yz 80.

How should I paint my dirt bike?

i have a yz80 Yamaha and want to paint it so i need to know how i should do it

Jya2hh005ha001716 what year is this yz80?

That would be a 1987

Which one is the best Yamaha yz80 or Honda cr 80?

CR will run longer YZ is a little faster.

What kind of oil goes in the little oil tank just below your seat on a 1974 Yamaha yz80?

plain 2 cycle oil

How many gears are there on a 2000 Yamaha yz80?

I am very farmiliar with yamahas and i own one of my own so i think it has 6. I am not possotive though!

Does a radiaor get hot yz80?

does a radiator get hot on a 2001 yz80

What is the proper fuel mixture for a 1993 Yamaha yz80?

What is the gas to oil ratio fot a 1982 Yamaha PW50? Do you need to mix it manually or does it automatically mix together by putting straight gasoline in the gas tank and straight oil in the oil tank?

Where can you download a free repair manual for a 2000 Yamaha yz80?

for all those of you, like me, who spent hours & hours searching the web for a yz80 manual because you just KNEW there had to be one out ya go: the Aussies!

Whats the best fuel mix Ratio for my 1984 Yamaha YZ 80?

i have a yz80 and i run 24:1 but u can go as lean as 32:1 but no leaner than that or she will blow