Kateina Kaif married

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no she is not married yet.

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Q: Kateina Kaif married
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Who is the husband of Katrina Kaif?

Katrina Kaif is not married.

Is Katrina Kaif married?


Who is Katrina Kaif husband name?

Katrina Kaif is not yet married. So she does not have any husband. May be she will marry in near future.

What is Katrina Kaif's 7 sisters name?

1.Eshal Kaif 2.Alliza Kaif 3.Ayesha kaif 4.Maria Kaif 5.Habiba Kaif 6.Anila Kaif 7.Alina Kaif

Is Katrina Kaif has a boyfriend?

Yes. Katrina kaif currently is having a boyfriend. Ranbir kapoor is her boyfriend. She might get married to Ranbir Kapoor next year as well.

What is the nationality of Katrina Kaif?

Katrina Kaif is now Indian. She was born in Hong Kong by her British Mother. Her mother married an Indian Muslim so they came here.

What is caste of Katrina Kaif?

As Katrina Kaif's father Muhammad Kaif was a kashmiri whose grand father was from Punjab and basically Arain who have settled later on in Kashmir and married a Kishmiri girl so Katrina aif is basically Arain and Kashmiri both.

Are Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif getting married?

None of them has announced regarding the marriage yet.

The sisters of Katrina kaif?

7 sisters of Katrina kaif and 1 is Katrina 5 sisters their names are Isabella Kaif, Alliza Kaif,Ayesha Kaif,Maria Kaif,Habiba Kaif, Kaif

What is original name of the Katrina Kaif?

Katrina kaif's original name is KATRINA KAIF

Who is Katrina kaif dad?

Mohammed Kaif

Is Katrina Kaif and salman khan married?

No they are not married. They Planned on getting married. But they broke up due to unfortunate reasons.No they have not married yet.

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