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Tennessee is south of Kentucky just as New Mexico is south of Colorado or it can also be said that Kentucky is north of Tennessee as Colorado is north of New Mexico. New Mexico.

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new Mexico

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Kentucky is to Tennessee as Colorado is to what state?

It's New Mexico. Colorado is directly north of New Mexico as Kentucky is directly north of Tennessee.

In which us state is springfield?

Colorado Illinois Kentucky Massachusetts Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Tennessee Virginia

In which direction is Kentucky to Tennessee?

Kentucky is north of Tennessee.

What is Kentucky a state in Tennessee?

Kentucky is a state next to Tennessee.

Is Kentucky the capital of Tennessee?

No, Nashville is the capital of Tennessee. Kentucky is a state that borders Tennessee and Kentucky's capital is Frankfort.

What 2 states border 7 other states?

Colorado and Kentucky, Colorado borders Wyoming,Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma,New Mexico,Arizona and Utah. Kentucky borders Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee

Is Kentucky in Tennessee?

No. Kentucky is a completely different state. It is located due north of Tennessee.

Where is the Kentucky Lake?

On the Tennessee and Kentucky border.

Does Kentucky border Tennessee?

Yes, Kentucky borders Tennessee. Tennessee borders Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri. Kentucky borders West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.

What states do you go through to get from Florida to Kentucky?

You go through Georgia, Tennessee, then your in Kentucky. Also another way you could go is through Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and then your in Kentucky. Which I live in Kentucky.

Is Kentucky larger than Tennessee?

Kentucky: 40,409 sq mi Tennessee: 42,169 sq mi Thus, Tennessee is slightly larger.

What is the river that flows north through Tennessee and Kentucky and into the Ohio River at Paducah Kentucky?

The Tennessee River.

Kentucky is to Tennessee as Nebraska is to what?

The answer is Kansas. Tennessee is bordered by Kentucky to the north. Kansas is bordered by Nebraska to the north.

What are the abbreviations for - 'Tennessee' - 'Missouri' - and 'Kentucky'?

TN, MO, anc KY.

Why is Kentucky Lake named after Kentucky if it is not in Kentucky?

It is in Kentucky (and Tennessee), plus the dam which impounds it is called Kentucky Dam.

What is a river that flows north through Tennessee and Kentucky and flows into the Ohio River at Paducah Kentucky?

The Tennessee River.

What is the name of the river that flows north through Tennessee and Kentucky and into the Ohio river at Paducah Kentucky?

The Tennessee River.

The distance between Kentucky and Tennessee?

Kentucky borders the State of Tennessee. Therefore, the distance between the states is zero.

What two states does Kentucky Lake border?

Kentucky and Tennessee.

What are the 14th and 15th states?

Kentucky and Vermont

What sate is North of Tennessee?

Kentucky is directly North of Tennessee.

What state is more In Shape Kentucky or Tennessee?

tennessee du

Which is bigger Kentucky or tennesee?

Tennessee is larger than Kentucky. As of July 1, 2015 the U.S. Census Bureau estimates the population in Tennessee was 6,600,000 and 4,425,000 in Kentucky. Tennessee is 42,774 square miles in area. Kentucky is 40,408 square miles in area.

Is the Tennessee river in Kentucky?

The Tennessee River ends in Kentucky where it flows into the Ohio River. See maps in link below

How big is the Tennessee river?

The Tennessee River is 652 miles long. It flows through Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Kentucky. It flows into the Ohio River at Paducah, Kentucky.

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