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Kevin Jonas favorite song of the Jonas brothers is Please Be Mine from their very first album that didn't make it big called "It's about Time"

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lovebug is the newest Jonas brother song out currently.

''Mandy'' was the first song the Jonas Brothers wrote together

His favourite Jonas brother song is till in love with you his fav song not by the Jonas brothers is superstician by Stevie wonder and his fav band is switchfoot *_*

their first song was "Please be Mine"

i think Year 3,000 was the first JONAS BROTHER song on DISNEY!

"A Little Bit Longer" By:Nick Jonas

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Their first song they did together was "Please Be Mine".

I Think That aLL Jonas Brothers songs are The Best! Mine are "Eternity" and "I am what I am".

Joe Jonas. dont forget Nick!!!! Joe just sings the chorus,not the whole song

A Little Bit Longer and I think Year 3000 too!

Nick Jonas sings the song but then Joe and Kevin come in on the chorus part.

There are a lot of good JB songs out there, but my personal favorate song is Hold On.

nick jonas' favorite song that he wrote is a little bit longer because he wrote it about his diabetes well i have to say he loves all the song the same why would he write them if he hated them

His favorite song from the album All About me is "I am What I am." he said he likes all and he just cant choose but it prob is burnin up

The Jonas Brother song "Burnin up" has a dj in it and it souns awesome! Im a JB fan too! Hope this helps! Anonymous

1. Fly with me2. Out of this world3. Tonight

the Jonas brothers like superstition by Stevie wonder if you go on youtube and type " Jonas brothers singing superstition with Stevie wonder"

I'm not sure if you mean who was the first Jonas Brother or not, but Kevin Jonas was who is also known as Paul Kevin Jonas ll. But, if you mean What was the first Jonas Brothers song, then it was Please Be Mine.

Joe Jonas used to date Taylor. Her song, Forever and Always, is about their break up.

Which Jonas Brother Has The Best Voice?In the band,Joe Jonas is the lead singer. In my opinion Nick Jonas is the best singer of the band. i think Kevin Jonas is an amazing singer after hearing him sing in"We Rock" in Camp Rock ! Lately on there new show "Jonas" he sang a song called I left my Heart in Scandinavia ,and he was fantastic! After hearing this song i have a tie on second best singer. You guessed it , Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas are in a close second!by CamrynW58

nick mainly but joe sings a little Kevin is backup