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ask your provider...

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Where can you get free diapers for your teenager?

it can be free at your county health clinic. If the child needs it for medical reasons you should speak to a doctor. In some countries this would be on prescription and free.

What has the author Ceri Phillips written?

Ceri Phillips has written: 'Health economics' -- subject(s): Economics, Medical, Medical economics, Health Care Costs, Health Services Needs and Demand, OverDrive, Medical, Nonfiction

What does cobra insurance coveage cover?

Cobra insurance coverage covers health and medical needs. They are a health insurance place. They don't cover really anything but medical and health things.

What medical test needs to be taken to test the health of your liver and kidneys?


What authority do health agents have?

health agents play a major role in making decisions and stipulating what the patient's wishes are with respect to his or her medical and/or dying needs

Public Health and Medical Services under ESF?

Public Health and Medical Services under ESF #8's scope is limited to meeting the needs of incident victims and response workers while excluding veterinary and/or animal health issues

What does AAA health insurance cover?

AAA health insurance offers a wealth of insurance cover for you and your family's medical needs. From major medical to international travel insurance AAA offers can provide suitable for everyone.

What has the author Eddy K A van Doorslaer written?

Eddy K. A. van Doorslaer has written: 'Health, knowledge, and the demand for medical care' -- subject(s): Economics, Educational Status, Health, Health Services Needs and Demand, Health Services Research, Health education, Medical care, Theoretical Models

What is a health team?

A "Health Team" is a group of trained medical specialists tasked with looking after a patient's medical needs. Acting together the all contribute their specialism to improve the overall output and deliver greater efficiencies to their patients by sharing the information about their patients condition and needs within the group.

What services are offered by Four Seasons Health Care?

Four Seasons Health Care is an insurance company that helps its clients by providing them with the best health insurance that fits their medical needs.

Why shouldn't people donate their organs?

There isn't really any reason why you shouldn't despite religion and or health reasons that would hinder the person in needs health.

What season is it when a horse needs a blanket?

usually winter when it gets cold out. sometimes for horses health or medical problems.

What has the author Rod Sheaff written?

Rod Sheaff has written: 'A 'most far-reaching reform'' -- subject(s): Health services administration, National Health Service (Great Britain), Working for patients 'The need for healthcare' -- subject(s): Moral and ethical aspects, Needs assessment, Medical care, Medical policy, Right to health, Need (Philosophy) 'The need for healthcare' -- subject(s): Medical care, Medical policy, Moral and ethical aspects, Moral and ethical aspects of Medical policy, Need (Philosophy), Needs assessment, Right to health care

Can medical consultants be geniuses?

Yes, it is possible depending on their IQ, as well as their experience in the medical field and being very knowledgeable about the medical community, procedures, and medical facts. Medical consultants may have work in hospitals and/or health care facilities as doctors, medical assistants, limited medical radiographers, or any health care specialists. They often give advice to future health care professionals by providing help to suit their needs of each individual practice.

What are the job qualifications required to be a medical records technician?

To be a medical records technician one needs an associates degree in health information technology. One also needs to pass a pre-employment exam and some previous experience.

Did paige hurd have braces?

Yes she did, and needs to sort out her teeth!

Can you get braces if one tooth needs to be pulled out?

No, you don't need to.

Is myoma is dangerous to your health?

Yes it is dangerous. Myoma is a cancer of muscle tissue. It is something that needs immediate medical attention.

What has the author Cam Donaldson written?

Cam Donaldson has written: 'Open-ended versus payment scale approaches to eliciting willingness to pay' 'Credit crunch health care' -- subject(s): Medical policy, Health Care Reform, Finance, Medical care, Economics, Delivery of Health Care, Medical economics 'DRGs' 'Why a National Health Service?' 'Needs assessment, priority setting, and contracts for health care'

What has the author Larry W Chambers written?

Larry W. Chambers has written: 'Guide to health needs assessment' -- subject(s): Evaluation, Health facilities, Information services, Medical care, Public health

What is some health assessment meaning?

Health assessment is a care plan (medical, etc.) that identifies the specific needs of an individual that requires attention from a healthcare or nursing facility. The health assessment is formed after evaluation of a physical and health exam is performed.

Disadvantages of medical model of health?

The main disadvantage of the medical model of health is that it ignores the soulspirit, so if a sinner keeps on sinning, the medical model of health will ignore his soulspirit, not realising it's affecting his or her physical health, especially after a long time of being wrong on purpose, often hidden. the medical model is about proffessional people labeling children with a disability the disadvantages are the child is seen as 'ill' and what treatment is needed to get rid of the illness, they do not focus on the needs of the person

Reasons for foreign aid?

Some reasons to offer foreign aid are because an impoverished country needs food or medical care. It is also helpful when a country has been through a natural disaster.

What do zoos feed lions?

raw meat normally. but if it needs a special diet due to medical reasons, it would most likely change

What does the NHS do for the public?

The NHS is the health service in Britain. It is therefore there for all your medical needs. From a simple trip to your General Practitioner, to an operation or surgery.

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