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Kinds of map?

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first and for most i will first state that maps usually used symbols...

Different kinds of map

*road map

*political map

*topographic map

*geographic map

*aerial map

*world map

cartographers are those who made map

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What are the kinds of maps?

physical map,political map,economic map,population map,climate map or rainfall,temperature,and weather map,community map,travel map,global map the kinds of maps

What are the three kinds of maps?

Political map, Physical map, Thematic map

What are the names of the three kinds of maps?

A Political map,Physical map,and a Thematic map

Three kinds of maps?

Electronic map Satellite map Papery maps

Name four kinds of land form shown on the map?

Name four kinds of landforms that are shown on the map

What is a Narrative Map in Narrative Therapy?

A Narrative Map is a presentation of six kinds of key conversations.

What kinds of things would you find on a map?


What kinds of things are shown on a map legend?


What are the two kinds of shapes related to MAPEH?


What is a map that shows what kinds of crops are grown in a place?


Why is the north arrow used in every map?

There are different kinds of map.Every map contains the North arrow and a Legend.

How many different kinds of climate zones are shown on the map?


What kinds of telescopes are used to map the surface of Venus?

Radio telescopes

Kinds of maps that show landforms and bodies of water?

It is a physical map

What kinds of animals live on blue on a map?

All the animals in the sea.

What are the two major kinds of roads on the map?

interstate and us

What does a map of South America look like?

There are different kinds of maps. A map of South America will show the shape of South America, then include other information depending on the type of map it is. Click on the related link below to see a map of South America. They are labeled political and physical, for the two different kinds of maps.

What are the different kinds of map?

physical map shows the features of land.political map shows the divisions of territory.climate map shows the climate of the place.regional map shows and gives information about a particular region.economic map shows the sources of income and products of the places in the map.

What kinds of things would you put on a map to show a friend how to get to get to your house?

a line

What kinds of animals usually live in the in the blue areas on a map?

sea creatures

What kinds of animalsusually live in the areas often represented by blue on a map?


What are the 2 primary or major kinds of roads on a map called?

route and highway

What are the three kinds of information found on a weather map?

Temperature Precipitation Wind speed

Which four kinds of waterways are shown on the map of the US?

seas, oceans, rivers, lakes

What are livestock name three kinds of livestock that are listed on the map of nebraska?

cows,hogs and