Knowing the difference woman and transvestite?

Transvestites are men or women who dress up to appear to be the opposite sex; there is purpose in transvestism (crossdressing) that requires intent. A man who wears women's jeans because they fit better and would buy men's jeans if they found some that fit is NOT crossdressing. A man who buys women's underwear when almost the same underwear but with a label "for men" is available especially cheaper, is crossdressing; it is the intent of "for women" to wear the other sexes clothes.

Women can be transvestites. A woman can crossdress but we usually don't see it because women now have so many choices in masculine and femiinine clothing: a woman may wear a business suit and tie just to compete with the boys, or she may wear it because it is 'man's clothing' - the second is crossdressing.