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The term precognition refers to foreknowledge obtained via extrasensory, rather than ordinary, means.

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What is back-to-back?

It means that events or actions will happen, one right after the other.

What best describes antecedent action?

Events that happen before the events in the story

What are all the events that happen before a climax?


Did the events in ancient china and ancient India happen before or after Jesus birth?


Will Lucas Black be in Fast Six?

No cause the events of Fast Six will happen after the events of Fast Five and but before the events of Tokyo Drift

Why does club penguin events happen on the day before?

They have to get all the things ready before so they are not late.

What are the tenses of the verb?

Past, future and present tenses are the tenses of verbs. Future tense verbs show actions that happen before other actions.

Why do people learn witchcraft?

The reason for witches to yearn for Witchcraft knowledge is basically the Self ownership and Self responsibility. Witches believe that they are the one and only person responsible for their actions and results of their actions. Witches can make what they want to happen and know what is to happen in future.

What major events happen before the Harlem renaissance?

World War I and the Great Depression

When do runescape holiday events happen?

Usually a few days - about a week or so - before the actual holiday.

When did key events happen in John Steinbeck life?

When did key events happen in john Steinbeck life? When did key events happen in john Steinbeck life?

What does simultaneously mean?

The adverb simultaneously means that two or more actions happen at the same time. For example: The two car crashes happened simultaneously.The events do not have to occur in the same place and do not have to be connected except by when they happen.

Do your actions determine your destinies?

yes. Your actions say what will happen next.

Is there a Narnia before the lion the which and the wardrobe?

The Magician's Nephew records the creation of Narnia, which did indeed happen before the events recorded in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

What are short term events?

Short term events are events that are scheduled to happen in the next year or less. On the contrary, long term events are events scheduled to happen in more than a year.

What are some festivals or events which happen in the Dominican Republic?

What are some festivals or events that happen in the dominican republic

What events will happen before Jesus return?

Jesus said before he comes a second time, there will be famines, wars and rumors of war, children will become disobedient.

What are independent pairs of events?

Independent pairs of events are events that happen on their own and don't happen because of each other. They may be unrelated or coincidental.

When did Stadium Events happen?

Stadium Events happened in 1987.

What is empirical knowledge?

Empirical knowledge come from observation only. You don't know why or have any idea of why reaction A follows situation B but you have seen it happen so many times that you KNOW that is what is going to happen. People knew that things fell down long before there was a theory of gravitation. Such knowledge was empirical. Empirical knowledge not only comes from observation but also by testing.

Past-perfect tense uses the verb to have in the past tense and expresses actions that?

happen before another event or time in the past.

When do Pokemon events happen?

Pokemon events happen at random points in a year usually to coincide with a special release.

What is a definition of prehistory?

Prehistory is any event that happened before the first records of events were taken by mankind.prehistory means that something happen in the pass(like before)

What foreshadow does Friar Laurence give Romeo?

Foreshadowing is not something that the characters in the play are aware of; hence, the Friar cannot "give" it to anyone. Foreshadowing occurs when events in the play, including the actions of the characters, give a kind of prior echo to the events which will happen in the future.

What is the literary term for the series of events that happen within the story?

what is the literary term for the series of events that happen within a story

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