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Hi, If you visit the links below you can get cheats for Lego Starwars 1/2 + The complete saga. Link to Game Winners cheat code home page: Note:You must copy this link into your browser to access it.
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What is Starwars?

Starwars is a science-fiction series of movies that was created by George Lucas. There are currently 7 Starwars films (if you include the animated film "The Clone Wars"). In chronological order of the Starwars timeline they are . Episode I: The Phantom Menace. . Episode II: Attack of the Clones ( Full Answer )

How do you get free money on Lego starwars 2?

In the Bar (The Level Select Area), almost everything can be destroyed, giving you money. If you go into the Car Park, there's even more destructibles.

Cheats to beat LEGO city?

Unfortunately, it deactivates the handy multiplier cheats, so it really doesn't matter if you have any. I find fast build and fast force helpful, though.

Cheats for Lego Star Wars?

...The Complete Saga For Nintento DS Using The Control Pad Up,Left,Down,Right x3 Using The Back Butons R,L Start, Select (or the other way around) Do it all together and you will be given a menu, go into "Debug" and then "Cheats"

LEGO Indiana Jones Cheats?

This is important: Invincibility B83EA1 Look on Youtube. type a search in google for cheats lots of websites give you all the cheats

What are the LEGO Mars mission cheats?

As you are aware there are several codes for Lego Mars Mission. There are 2 kinds, level codes and helper codes. Level Codes: Astros: 1: mars 2: powerup 3: niceman 4: buggy 5: flyboy 6: range 7: stomp 8: UFO 9: elton 10:eclipse Astro Special Ops: 1: drill 2: cavein ( Full Answer )

What are the cheats for Lego Crystalien Conflict?

KEY: ---- CM. - Conflict Mode Password Result ----------------------- fatwallet - 50,000 credits fullscreen - Unknown santa - santa level 299792458 - build faster n00b or newbie - 3x armor 1337 - Reset all codes Theylive - alien ops newbie - triple defence awesome - rapid ( Full Answer )

Lego marsmission cheats?

fatwallet - 50,000 credits nightfall - Crystalien Conflict mission moonlight - Unknown fullscreen - Unknown santa - Unknown 299792458 - build faster n00b - 3x armor 1337 - Reset all codes Theylive - is alien ops newbie - tripple defence1 earth2 zapper3 extra4 retreat5 ( Full Answer )

What are the cheats for Lego batman?

I only know the ds cheats!!! . Unlock all extras:up, down, L, R, L, R, L, left, right, x(2), y(2), b(2), L, up, down, . L, R, L, R, up(2), down, start, select-FIND MORE AT IGN.COM

Lego batman cheats?

there are a few cheats that i know they are on wii so they are: . Alfred pennyworth: ZAQ637 . Bruce Wayne: BDJ327 . Cat woman (classic) M1AAWW . Clown Goon HJK327 . Commissioner Gordon DDP967 . Fishmonger HGY748 . Freeze Girl XVK541 . Freeze Henchman NJL412 . The Joker (tropic ( Full Answer )

Cheats for LEGO batman?

Unlock All Extras - Up, Down, L, R, L, R, L, Left, Right, X, X, Y, Y, B, B, L, Up, Down, L, R, L, R, Up, Up, Down, Start, Select Begin Game with 1,000,000 Studs - X, Y, B, B, Y, X, L, L, R, R, Up, Down, Left, Right, Start, Select Begin Game with 3,000,000 Studs - Up, Up, B, Down, Down, X, Lef ( Full Answer )

Lego cheat codes?

Hint: If you type in Derek on public view it will come up as your profile! Rank 1: Crimson apple master piece Rank 2:Queen Bee Master piece Rank 3-10: Can you answer?

What are some LEGO Batman cheats?

if you go to and type in "Lego batman cheats for(psp,ps2,ps3,ds,wii or whatever console you have) they have heaps of cheats.

What are the cheats for starwars battlefront 2?

on the PC yes agoodblasteratyourside = infinte ammo mostimpressive = invincibility to activate, go on instant action mode. on the window at the start where you choose your maps, click above the bottom left corner. then just type the cheats and press enter. you will know you have done it right as yo ( Full Answer )

Is there a cheat for hush on Lego Batman?

no...u must save all civilians in the missions......u can tell which ones are or arent by that face next to the circle where u pick missions....happy means u saved a civillian, sad means u still need to save one...

Starwars the force unleashed cheats?

I only no 4 but there are others CORTOSIS-Infinite health VERGENCE-Infinite Force COUNTDOOKU-Unlock all force powers TYRANNUS-Max all Force powers to maximum level

Cheats for starwars the force unleashed?

Cortosis vergence countdooku tyrannus grand moff speeder katarn chosenone these are some cheats that i know!!!!! (all in capital letters)

Lego Batman ds cheats?

the code is. up down L R L R L left right x x y y b b L up down L R L R up up down start select. It unlocks all charters

Are there cheat codes for Starwars the Force Unleashed?

yes there is but I forgt them so search up star wars the force unleashed cheats and click n the first link.the force unleashed 2 cheats yu have to unlock them on the game people that put cheats on for no.2 are all lies.

LEGO batman Wii cheats?

sorry but i only know to joker goon is utf782 and jokers henchman is yun924 also jokers henchman is the secret and special person in Lego to unlock and i have the things that i said that have cheat codes. Jesse zalk

What is the best Lego starwars set?

I love the AT-AT walker (the Original big one) Rebel Blockade runner...I don't own this. The new high detailed millinuem falcon. I don't Own this. Juggernaut.

Brick cheats your LEGO network?

buy one apple for 1 red brick then befriend f stop clikzgerald send him the apple and you will get Lego gallery module rank2 it make 15 red brick a day sometimes 65!

Can you cheat on My LEGO Network?

You can't cheat on my Lego network. The only way is to hack which ,would make it unfair on the other players

What are the cheats for LEGO Star Wars?

Lego Star Wars Cheats (for the ps2): Enter the following codes in Dexter's Shop 987UYR = Battle Droid EN11K5 = Battle Droid (Commander) LK42U6 = Battle Droid (Geonosis) KF999A = Battle Droid (Security) LA811Y = Boba Fett F8B4L6 = Clone ER33JN = Clone (Episode III) BHU72T ( Full Answer )

What are the Lego starwars 2010 sets?

January 2010 8083-Rebel Trooper Battle Pack 8084-Snow Trooper Battle Pack 8085-Freeco Speeder 8086-Droid Tri-Fighter 8087-TIE Defender 8092-Luke's Land speeder August 2010 ( rumored ) 8089-Wampa Attack 8093-Plo Koon's Jedi Star fighter 8095-General Grievous's Star fighter 8096-Palpatine's Shut ( Full Answer )

What are the cheat codes for Lego battles?

I know I used all but 2 and I don't remember all... Wait! Now I forgot them All! Sorry kid, but I know what WEBSITE I got them from;\n \n

What are the cheats for Lego battles?

You get father Christmas and destroy the kingdom of the fags with the the madgic wand of hfgjhfgirjerjdfijfj. This has 56565657494904 attack and makes the user invincible, you do this by killing Hugo.

Are there any cheats for Lego batman?

Extras Always Score Multiply 9LRGNB Area Effect (Sonic suit) TL3EKT Armor Plating (Demolition suit) N8JZEK Bats (Sonic suit) XFP4E2 Beep Beep RAFTU8 Character Studs DY13BD Decoy (Technology suit) TQ09K3 Disguise GEC3MD Extra Toggle (extra Free mode characters) EWAW7W Extra Hearts ML3KHP Fast Bataran ( Full Answer )

How do you use cheats on Lego battles?

If you go into the shop and type in youre cheat code, the cheat will be a red brick. To use it you must pause while on a level or freeplay, click the red brick sign in the bottom left corner. From there you can turn on your cheats(red bricks, which you can also find in certain levels) You can not us ( Full Answer )

Where do you enter cheats in Lego batman?

go next to the power crazed penguin this and the go up the lift, im not really sure of this since i havent played it in a long time so to make sure its above the place where you put suitsc on in the batcave(im really sure of that)

Lego racers 1 cheats?

CheatsCreate or edit a driver in Build Mode. Use one of the following names to name your driver to activate the cheat: . FLYSKYHGH . Rocket car. NDRVR . No driver. NSLWJ . Maintain speed off track. LNFRRRM . Reversed Rocket Racer Run track. PGLLRD . Shooter attacking power-ups only. PGL ( Full Answer )

Cheats for Lego battles the game?

Here are some cheats! Fast Building (really useful) QMSLPOE Fast Harvesting (trees go by fast though) PQZLJOB Fast Mining (brings in a lot of gold bricks) KVBPQRJ Here are some heroes...... Ninja Master SHWSDGU Troll King XRCTVYB Space Criminal Leader ZVDNJSU To unlock (not bought for you) santa, s ( Full Answer )

What are the cheat codes in Lego Batman?

These are Action Replay codes you have to have the Game ID code on for anything else to work. Game ID 1Q66-7M3N-JN3CA XBTT-VHEX-G2U7H Invincible V6CY-VZ3G-VMDMN UYXB-V5UH-EAGYU Extra Hearts FF4F-1CV4-69W90 F9U8-VRW9-QAXFW All Extras Unlocked 9G89-JVER-6839F Q645-JUNT-33WGA ( Full Answer )

Lego atlantis cheat codes?

put in hobo and the shark will be a hobo(will not work!!) cheat codes will let you beat the shark, you will find the cheat codes with a simple question.

What is the cheat to LEGO universe?

Lego Universe is an MMO, not a regular video game. A lot of people fail to understand the difference, but you can't cheat in MMOs like you can in regular video games. (ie, there is no cheat console to input things such as "more money", but the only cheats are hacks which will get you banned) Howeve ( Full Answer )

What do the LEGO Atlantis cheat codes do?

They make it easier to get past the games. For example: in Lego atlantis shark chase without cheat codes it is difficult and with the cheat codes you are invincible.

Is there cheats for LEGO universe?

Lego Universe is an MMO, not a regular video game. A lot of people fail to understand the difference, but you can't cheat in MMOs like you can in regular video games. (ie, there is no cheat console to input things such as "more money", but the only cheats are hacks which will get you banned) Howeve ( Full Answer )

What do the cheat code for LEGO Ninjago?

here's a hint: 1. check the internet. 2.type in ninjago barcodes. 3. check the barcode that you are looking for. it may not show you the barcode that you will need

How do you turn on Lego battles cheats?

First you go to the pause menu during game play. Then you use the stylus to tap the red brick in the left hand corner. After that you tap all the powers you have unlocked.

How do you make a LEGO starwars ship?

To make a reasonably good lego starwars ship you will need a few good ests to begin wiht ( to get all of the right peices) also you will need a PHD, STP, Bsc, MD, BBC , ITV, LMNOP in brewerying.

What are the cheats of Lego alien conquest?

All pilots (the aliens with two fangs) on the alien side: super abduction ray. All troopers (the aliens with four fangs) on the human side: bumper car mode.

Cheat sheet for LEGO minifigures?

There are cheat sheets for lego mini figures. make sure to do research and get the correct series. they are hard to read!

What are the codes for LEGO starwars 3?

here are the ones i know 3f5l56- perfect deflect x1v4n2- dark side gchp7s- fast build j46p7a - invincibilty csd5na- minikit detector b1d3w3- super speeders yzphuv- score 2x 43t5e5- score 4x sebhgr- score 6x byfsaq- score 8x n1ckr1- score 10x 6mz5ch- stud magnet 2d7jns- regenerate hearts qd2c31- char ( Full Answer )