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*Bunsen Burner- used to heat iron stand or iron ring

*Tripod-used to put hot dishes

*wire gauze- used to spread heat

*alcohol lamp-used to heat the tripod be continued..................................................

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Laboratory tools and equipment with their uses?

list down 20 laboratory tools and equipment their uses

What are the science laboratory tools and their pictures?


What are some names and uses of laboratory tools?


Common laboratory tools and their uses?

Beaker Test tube

What are the laboratory apparatus for measuring liquid with pictures and uses?

ambot lang

Miscellaneous tools and its uses with pictures?

There are several types of tool such as screwdrivers, drills, hammers, etc. You can find the pictures of tools in catalogs.

Why are laboratory tools important in a laboratory?

Laboratory tools are very important in the Laboratory. This is because the tools are the items that help a person achieve what they need to, and with safety.

How do laboratory tools improve the observations made by biologist?

Laboratory tools improve the observationLaboratory tools makes the one thing be easier to identify.laboratory tools make easier the job of scientist on their experiments

Pictures and uses of laboratory equipments?

Beaker - measuring volume of the solution Measuring cylinder - measuring volume

What are the laboratory instruments their uses?

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Computer laboratory for safety and tools?

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Example of laboratory tools and their uses?

The list of laboratory tools is long. Examples include a microscope for magnifying things too small for the normal eye to see, a Bunsen burner for providing a heat source and beakers for holding experimental samples.

How does a laboratory tools help scientists?

because if the scientist have no laboratory tools they cannot discover a thing that is useful

What are the laboratory wares and their uses and drawing?

the uses of laboratory wares is to measure. and experiment

Give you a picture of chemists laboratory apparatus and its uses?

picture of chemist laboratory appartus and their uses

Where can you find pictures of laboratory signs and symbols?

Pictures of laboratory signs and symbols can be found in a simple image search on the internet. Pictures of this can also be found inside a science book.

How do laboratory tools help improve the observations made by the scientist?

laboratory tools help to make easier the job of scientist and student on the experiment....

What are the laboratory equipment and give the picture?

Laboratory Equipments & Supplies Laboratory equipment refers to the various tools and equipment used in a laboratory. Atcomaart is your easy one-source for all of your laboratory equipment, lab supplies and science lab equipment requirements. They are generally used to either perform an experiment or to take measurements and gather data. You can check more information about laboratory equipments and their pictures at the link below.

Individual pictures of laboratory apparatus?


Pictures of baking equipment and its uses?

pictures of baking equipment and its uses?

What are the importance of the laboratory tools?

The importance of the laboratory tools is that to keep us away from harm, these tools can be very helpful, you can use these for putting liquids like using the test tube you can pour liquid there.

What are all laboratory apparatuses and its uses?

Impossible to answer here ! All laboratory apparatuses and its uses may be the subject of atreatise in many volumes.

What are some drafting tools and their uses?

what are different drafting tools , equipment and their uses

What are the classification of hand tools according to their uses?

measuring tools and thier uses

Laboratory equipments with pictures and definitions?

taena niyo