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Her name was Annie Oakley.

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Are the Buffalo Bills going to the Super Bowl this year?

I love the Bills... but I think it is going to be another depressing season for us as fans.... Maybe in a few years when the guys have more experience they might have a shot!

What president was shot in Buffalo New York?

President Mckinley, was shot in Buffalo, New York!

What is a name given to Annie Oakley by Chief Sitting Bull?

Annie Oakley was named "Little Sure Shot" by chief sitting bull while performing in a Buffalo Bills Wild West show with her.

Where was the state farm buffalo commercial filmed?

The commercial was filmed in Hollywood. The buffalo scene was shot about 45 minutes of LA and the office scene was shot in the same studio as Law and Order LA.

Will there be a shot at love 4?

yes theres gonna be a shot at love 4! the bachlorette is lady gaga!

How did Native Americans kill buffalo?

They often shot them with a bow and arrow or cut them with spears.

What city was President McKinley killed in?

McKinley was shot in Buffalo, New York and died there.

How fast is the sound from a pistol shot?

Do you mean "How fast does the sound of a pistol being shot travels?" because technically, a sound cannot be shot. But all sound travels at the same speed. If I were to just yell at the top of my lungs, the sound I make would travel to someone's ears just as fast as if I shot a gun and someone heard it. All sound travels 340 miles a second, or 122,400 MPH (miles per hour). So the answer would be "122,400 MPH"

Where were us presidents assassinated?

Lincoln was shot in a theater in Washington DC, Garfield was shot in a train station in Washington DC, McKinley was shot at the Pan-Am Expo in Buffalo NY, and Kennedy was shot in a parade in Dallas TX.

How did Lady Gaga help others?

Lady Gaga brought Pop Music back to life after it was shot in the face!

How did buffalo bill get his nick name?

for killing buffalo One day he was out hunting when some of the other hunters were laughing at how weak he looked. When the buffalo herd was killed, Cody was the one being praised. He shot and killed all eleven buffalo with twelve shots. The hunters praised him and called him "Buffalo Bill."

What did ann oakley do?

Annie Oakley was a famous sharp shooter. she was known as little sure shot. she also traveled in Buffalo Bills Wild West Show. if you want to know more go and google Phoebe Ann Oakley Mozee. (that was her real name.) But she changed it

Average speed of a soccer shot?

I soccer shot travels faster than you might realize. The average speed of a professional soccer shot is between 45-55 miles per hour.

Where do you shoot a cape buffalo to kill it in one shot?

in the place where it looks like it has gills or in the side

Was president McKinley killed while in office?

Yes. He was shot and killed in Buffalo, NY in 1901.

What is a shot called that travels just over the net and bounces close to the net in tennis?

A shot that bounces twice very close to the net is called a dropshot.

Did Lady Gaga get shot?

No. She wouldn't be necessarily DEAD either -.-. But no, she has never been shot, she's alive and well, about to go on tour.

How was President Mc Kinley assassinated?

He was shot by Leon Czolgosz in Buffalo, NY on September 6, 1901

What part in the play was Abraham Lincoln shot?

the part were the lady was singing about her problems.

Why did the buffalo become endangered species?

When humans originally started moving West, they considered the buffalo population so limitless and worthless that settlers often shot buffalo out the windows of train cars simply to pass the time. This wasteful overhunting of the buffalo population almost lead to the species' extinction. The largest number of buffalo were killed to feed the workers building the Transcontinental Railroad. That is where Buffalo Bill got his name.

Where was William McKinley shot?

McKinley was shot at Buffalo, New York at the Pan American Exposition on September 6th, 1901 at 4:07pm. The bullet entered his body at a point between the navel and left nipple. It passed through the stomach, nicked the left kidney and lodged in the pancreas.

Who assassinated president McKinley?

Leon Czolgosz shot President McKinley on September 6, 1901 in Buffalo, New York.

How many cape buffalo are in the world?

There are only 19 left wait someone just shot one make that 18

When was President William McKinley shot?

President William McKinley was shot on September 6, 1901was attending the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, NY on . At a reception shaking hands, he was shot by an anarchist, Leon Czolgosz. McKinley died on September 14.

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