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faries could understannd peter's word, and the fairies used tinkeling sound of the bell. And peter couyld understand and talk tio them. ^_^

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โˆ™ 2008-08-27 09:11:46
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Q: Languages use in Peter Pan
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Did peter and Wendy use this container?

The answer is a pan. Peter PAN and the container pan.

How do you spell Peter Pan in french?

There is no spelling for peter pan in french. Peter is a name, and most American names are pronounced the same in other languages. Pan does have a spelling, but since there are two words in the phrase peter pan, you can't change one word and not the other. You will find this out later if you take french.

Who does Peter pan love?

Peter Pan


You like all of the sexuallys.

What is a quote from Peter Pan?

There are many quotes from Peter Pan. These quotes are still very popular and quoted today. One particular quote by Peter Pan is, "'Wendy, one girl is more use than twenty boys".

Where does Peter Pan live in the Disney version of Peter Pan?

Peter Pan lives in Neverland

What musical instrument did Peter Pan play?

Peter Pan played the 'pan pipes.'

Who plays Peter Pan in the movie Peter Pan?

Jeremy Sumpter played Peter Pan in the 2003 version of Peter Pan

What is real name of Peter Pan?

PETER! He was named "Peter Pan" because he played the Pan Flute.

What is the name of Peter Pan?

peter pan

What males have played Peter Pan?

No males have played Peter Pan in the movie OR the Broadway premier of Peter Pan.

Is Zac Efron Peter Pan?

No, Zac Efron does not play Peter Pan. In the live 2003 Peter Pan, with Rachel Hurd-Wood, Peter Pan was played by Jeremy Sumpter.

What is the name of the dog in Peter Pan?

in peter pan the dog is called nanny or nana.She looked after the children.The dog in Peter Pan is named "Nana"

What does Peter Pan's shadow represent?

Peter Pan

How is the actor in Peter Pan?

= Peter Pan 1953 (Voiced): Bobby Discroll = = Peter Pan 2000: Cathy Rigby = = Peter Pan 1960: Mary Martin = = Peter Pan 1924: Betty Bronson = = Peter Pan 1976: Mia Farrow = = =

How Many Peter Pan movies have there been?

Peter Pan is a fictional childrens story book character. There have been eleven Peter Pan related movies but only three that bear the Peter Pan name.

Is Peter Pan gay?

Peter Pan is a fictional character. In the movie, Hook, Peter Pan (now Peter Banning) has a wife and children.

In kingdom hearts 2 how do you unlock Peter Pan level?

There is no "Peter Pan Level" in KH2. Peter Pan just is a summon

Who is more famous Shrek or Peter Pan?

peter pan is the answer

Who is more famous Peter Pan or Garfield?

Peter Pan

When was Peter Pan made?

Peter Pan was written in 1911

What are Peter Pan windows?

its a window that is made out of peter pan

What did Peter Pan eat in the book?

what did peter pan eat

How many elves are in Peter Pan?

there are no elves in Peter Pan

When did Peter Pan died?

Peter Pan will never die.