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Large group of islands in south pacific?

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The large group of islands in the South Pacific is known as Oceania. These islands are classified as either the high islands or the low islands.

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What is the definition of the region Oceania?

A large group of islands in the south Pacific including Melanesia and Micronesia and Polynesia

Where is mellanesia?

group of pacific islands from Papua New Guinea south eastwards to Fiji islands group.

What group of islands is Fiji in?

Fiji is in the south pacific, North of New Zealand.

Island group off the coast of South Argentina?

The Falkland Islands is a group of islands located off of the coast of Southern Argentina. This group includes two very large islands and many smaller islands within the South Atlantic Ocean.

What continent is the polynesian islands located?

The Polynesian Islands are a loose group of atolls and islands in the south west Pacific: they are part of Oceania, which is not a continent, but a region.

What is the name of one of the south pacific islands in Australia?

There are no South Pacific islands in Australia. Australia is a single country and continent in the South Pacific, but the South Pacific Islands are not within Australia. Australia should not be confused with the general geographical region known as Oceania.

What does Fiji island look like?

Fiji is not an island. It is a group of islands creating a country. Fiij is similar to any other south Pacific Islands except that of Fiji is the hub of the Pacific.

Is Samoa part of Latin America?

No. Samoa is an archipelago (group of islands) in the South Pacific, close to Australia.

What country in the Pacific Islands begins with the letter C?

The Cook Islands is in the south Pacific Ocean.

Is Samoa a pacific island?

Yes, the islands are in the South Pacific.

Where is Samoan?

Samoa and American Samoa are both groups of islands in the Pacific Ocean about halfway between Australia and South America. Samoa is an independent country of two large islands.American Samoa is a group of five smaller islands nearby that comprise a Territory of the USA.

What continent is Kiribati island?

Kiribati is a group of tiny islands in the South West pacific Ocean. It is not associated with a continent.

What continent are the Galapagos Islands on?

They are group of volcanic islands lying along the equator in the Pacific Ocean west of the mainland of Ecuador. Thus, they are not on a continent but lie west of the South American continent in the Pacific Ocean.

Is a chain of island in the south pacific?

Hawaii is a chain of islands in the Pacific.

In what ocean ocean are the Solomon islands?

The Solomon Islands are in the South Pacific.

What is is a chain of islands in the south pacific?

The solomon Islands is one such chain.

Where is the Caribbean located at?

The Caribbean is located south of the state of Florida in the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean is a group of islands.

What location or continent is Fiji in?

Fiji is not part of a continent; it is a group of 800 volcanic and coral islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

What ocean contains the islands ans countries of Micronesia?

The Pacific Ocean. Most of the Islands are in the North Pacific but quite a few are in the South Pacific.

what major group of islands separate the pacific ocean from the Caribbean sea?

The Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are separated by a continental landmass, not a group of islands. That continent is South America. Other parts of land in the separation are Central America and parts of North America.The Caribbean Sea is part of the Atlantic Ocean, not the Pacific.

Islands in the south pacific?

Fiji, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands and Samoa are only a few of them.

Is Indonesia a south pacific island?

Yes, Indonesia IS part of the Pacific Islands.

What ocean are the Polynesian Islands located?

The Polynesian Islands are in the south Pacific Ocean.

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