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Last year Robert Plant released a cover of a Led Zeppelin song either Black Dog or Rock And Roll where can I find it?

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August 01, 2008 6:14PM

Well, firstly, it wasn't just Robert Plant who released the cover(s)-- it was Plant and Jimmy Page. Though they didn't cover the two songs you mentioned, they did cover a few big Led Zep hits on their 1994 (later reissued in 2004) CD "No Quarter"-- named after the classic Led Zeppelin song. In case you're still interested, here's the track listing: 1. Nobody's Fault But Mine

2. Thank You

3. No Quarter

4. Friends

5. Yallah

6. City Don't Cry

7. Since I've Been Loving You

8. The Battle of Evermore

9. Wonderful One

10. That's the Way

11. Gallows Pole

12. Four Sticks

13. Kashmir I haven't listened to the CD personally, but by the looks of it it's good. I hope I've helped, and that you will enjoy the CD. Oh, and note that it is a live recording-- a recording of MTV's Unledded, which was aired around the same time (1994). Thank you for your time. ~ Leisure Suit Larry