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Which filter housing? Air filter, oil filter, fuel filter?

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Q: Leaking oil around the filter housing?
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Where is the oil filter on a 2003 vw jetta GLI?

my oil filter housing is leaking what should i do?

Oil is running out by the oil filter housing 5.4 engine?

check that the O ring was replaced when oil filter was changed. id O ring is good and filter is tight, and housing still leaking, replace filter housing

How do you fix a oil leak on a 1997 kia sportage 4x4 leaking around the oil filter?

replace the housing o ring

How can you check to see if you have an oil leak around the oil pressure sensor and or the oil filter housing gasket?

You find them both and look see if they are leaking.

How do you fix an oil leak on a gm 3800 that is leaking around the oil filter housing?

My understanding is that it is not the oil filter housing leaking, that can be verified with a $2.00 replacement seal, and replaced by owner with a bit of ability, and tools, but it is more likely the timing chain cover that is leaking, with an estimated cost to repair of around $700, and that is mostly due to the shop labor for just getting to it.

Why does my lawn mower have oil leaking out of the carburetor and leaking into my air filter I have a Toro 6.5hp 190cc self probpelled?

oil leaking out of the muffer and the air filter oil leaking out of the muffer and the air filter oil leaking out of the muffer and the air filter oil leaking out of the muffer and the air filter

Oil filter housing?

Oil filter

Where is the oil pressure switch located on a Nissan Micra?

around the oil filter housing.

If Oil is leaking from the oil lines coming from the oil filter housing of a 1992 s10 Chevy blazer what is that oil line called and is it one piece?

the lines are call oil cooler lines

Have oil leaking from the top left side of the oil filter checked installation it's fine what else would cause oil to push out from the top of the filer?

Sometimes the old oil filter gasket remains stuck to the filter housing when replacing the old oil filter. Remove the new filter and check to see if that happened. If not, I would suspect the new oil filter or gasket is faulty.

Why would oil spray out of oil filtor?

Here are a few reasons for oil to spray from the filter area:The gasket from the old filter was stuck on the oil filter housing and was not removed before the new filter was installed.The new filters gasket is not seated correctly on the oil filter housing.No Oil filter gasket was installed with the new oil filter.Defective Oil Filter and/or Gasket.Oil Filter Housing came lose from the engine block or mounting surface.

Where is the oil filter on your 1997 BMW 540i?

inside the oil filter housing

How do you remove oil filter on 2007 vw jetta?

The filter is in a filter housing. Remove the plug in the bottom of the housing. The filter housing is then loosened using a specific wrench for that housing type.

How do you take a oil filter housing off a Ford F-350 with a 460?

take the filter off then unscrew the bolt at the oil filter housing

I changed the oil on my 2001 325i last weekend i followed the instructions from an online diy site the next day it started leaking oil right underneath the oil filter housing what did i do wrong?

try tightening the filter a little more. if that fails, you probably need new filter O ring

Why is oil leaking from your 1998 VW cabriolet?

The oil filter may be lose.

How do you stop oil leaking from oil filter on a 1984 Honda acord?

Remove the old filter. Replace it with a new filter. Before installing the new filter wipe the mounting surface clean and apply a coat of oil to the new oil filter's gasket. Spin on the filter and tighten it 3/4 turn after it makes contact with the mounting surface. No, more and no less. If you still see oil leaking from the filter then look above the filter for the leak. Possibly valve cover is leaking.

Leaking oil in the front passenger side could your oil pan be loose?

Possible, but more likely a leaking oil filter or valve cover

Where would oil be leaking if not from the drain or oil filter?

could it be from oil line from oil cooling canister

How do i replace an oil filter housing?

depending on your vehicle, the housing is whear your oil filter screws into. remove oil filter and thi should reveal 3 or 4 bolts in the side of housing remove bolts should come off no problems replace seal behind housing reverse process

Where is a oil sending unit located in a 455 Pontiac engine?

Right above the oil filter on the oil filter housing.

What is the assemby that the oil filter screws onto on a 1989 3.0 dynasty?

It is called the oil filter housing.

What do you do when oil filter is leaking?

Take the filter off and look where it mounts onto the motor to make sure there is not an old gasket stuck to it and if there is take it off and then put on a new oil filter hand tight, be sure to put oil around the gasket on the new filter before you install it.

What causes an oil leak underneath the body in a 1992 Mazda mx3?

A leaking gasket, a leaking filter, or a leaking drain plug....

Oil filter location for 81 Yamaha xs 400?

The oil filter housing is located on the front of the engine cases. It has a single bolt that attaches the housing to the engine. The housing itself is finned for cooling.