Lexus 94 400 shuts down on acceleration but runs fine when you let off?


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2009-12-28 03:54:49
2009-12-28 03:54:49

try replacing your fuel filter

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Yes I can restart it and it will run fine for a whilethen it may or may not shut down that day.

mine did the same thing i replaced the crank sensor and it runs fine

Lexus dealers call for 6.1 but 6 will be fine

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Have you checked for recalls on your model year. I have a f350 2001 and it did the same thing until I had my cam position sensor replaced works fine now.

Yes. It's a fine acceleration value, with proper units and dimensions. It's roughly 31% of the acceleration of gravity on earth.

I have 100k on mine and they are fine.. mostly highway miles.

The only headlights out there that will fit the 93 Lexus Gs300 is Japan's Toyota Aristo headlights. It is a little different, but fit fine. note it's not after market.

i had a dodge Dakota that did the same thing and it ended up being a fuel pump it ran fine for a few mins and then nothing replaced the fuel pump and it ran fine

have mechanic search for a GOVERNOR control switch. this device is an installed component that shuts down the engine at a specified cut-off limit, thus governing your speed check your catalytic converter. i had this problem and found out that every time i would step on it, a broken piece of it would blow up blocking the exhaust flow and when letting off the gas, would fall back down

get snow tires and you'll be fine. also turn on the "snow" button and everything works great.

Most likely fuel pump. That's the first thing that I'd check. Could also be a clogged fuel filter.

very hard to say but sounds like an immobilizer problem, or it is not getting adequate fuel flow...

get another friend to look at it since cars are like computers you have to actually be there to fix them.

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Hi I have a 1999 kia sportage it has no power under acceleration. but run fine in park and when you get up to speed. A damaged catalytic converter can do that.

This sounds like an exhaust leak (which will only get worse with time).

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