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Liberty 2005 sunroof does not close all the way is there a adjustment?

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Check the wiring harness for the motor to the sunroof. The harness may be loose and might need adjustment. My sunroof on my 2002 Liberty Limited stopped working and I dropped the headliner and found that there was loose wire. I clicked it back inot place, and it works just fine.

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The sunroof on my 2005 Chevy Suburban opened but wouldn't close. It was completely taken out, put back in it's track, hot wired to close and reinstalled. The switch was left disconnected so it wouldn't happen again. Chevy does not sell parts for this unit so the entire sunroof assembly needs to be replaced. It only needs the 2 cables that make it move. A new one will cost about $1500 from the dealer, installed. Installing a used sunroof may save $500-$600, but it would be used without a guarantee.

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If you do not have a sunroof, check/reseal the bolts that hold the luggage rack down.

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What is your question? The clock in the 2005 jeep liberty is built in to the factory radio.

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Will the OEM receiver hitch from a 2003 Jeep liberty fit on a 2005 liberty?

Yes, a 2003 hitch will fit a 2005. If you look at Liberty hitches for sale online, they state they fit 2002-2007 Libbies.

How do you set the idle on a 2005 Chevy pickup?

The IDLE is controlled by the computer. THERE IS NO ADJUSTMENT.

What kind of oil do you use in your 2005 Jeep liberty?

The type of oil that should be used in a 2005 Jeep Liberty is 5W30. You can switch to 10W30 in the warmer months.

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