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Q: Life span of a red panda?
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How long is a life cycle of a red panda?

Red Panda can live for about 8-10 years. But can live up to 15 years.

What is the life span of the red panda?

1 year

What is the life span of a red panda?

12-14 years

What color is the Red Panda's fur?

the RED panda's fur is RED

Does a Red Panda camouflage?

no the red panda does not camouflage

What is harmful about a red panda?

the red on the panda is blood

What is the life span of a red panda in captivity?

Around 13-14 years

What happens when red pandas mate?

you get a red panda INFANT or a red panda NEWBORN.

What are the names of the countries where there are different types of pandas?

There are two species of panda bears, the giant panda and the red panda (also known as the lesser panda), that are native to northeast Asia. Wild giant panda are now found only in China. There are two subspecies of red panda: the western red panda now found in Nepal, Assam, Sikkim, and Bhutan, and Styan's red panda living in southern China and northern Myanmar.

What is a good slogan to save the red panda?

Too Cute to die! Save the red panda!

What is another name for a red panda?

Another name for the red panda is firefox,or ailurus fulgens.

What is a pronoun for red panda?

The pronoun that takes the place of the compound noun 'red panda' is it.If the gender of the red panda is known, the pronouns he or she are used as a subject, and him or her are used as an object.Example: I saw the red panda at the zoo. It is a beautiful animal.

What is red panda's natural habitat?

The red panda lives in the bamboo forests of the Himalayan Mountains of China. The Himalayans are in Western China and the Red Panda lives at the elevation of 2,000 to 4,800 meters high.

What is the red panda's prey?

The Red Pandas eat a lot of Bamboo as the same as a Giant Panda would. Also the Red Panda eats berries, fruit, mushrooms, roots, acorns, lichen and grasses.

How does a red panda sleep?

Until u get a life

What is the scientific name of panda?

There are two types of pandas: Red Panda and the Giant Panda.The scientific name for:Red panda: Ailurus fulgensGiant Panda: Ailuropoda melanoleuca

Why is the giant panda called a bear if it is more related to the red panda?

The Giant Panda is called a bear because it is not more related to the Red Panda, it is more related to the brown bear.

What ecosystem do red panda's live in?

The Red Panda's habitat is located in the bamboo forests of the Himalayan mountains of China.

What animals are in the same family as a giant panda?

All bears are from the same family (Ursidae) as the giant panda. The red panda belongs to a different family (Ailuridae) and is only distantly related to the giant panda.

Is a red panda a real animal?

no get a life

Does red panda migrate?


What age do red panda bears usually die?

There life span is ussaly 8-10 years old maximum life span is 15 years old

In what family are the red pandas?

The family of the red panda is Ailuridae

What is the habitat of a red panda?

the habitat of a red panda is in high mountain bamboo forests of southern Asia

What is the scientific name for a panda bear?

The scientific name for a Giant Panda is Ailuropoda melanoleuca. The scientific name for a red panda is Ailurus fulgens.