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Life story of roger hodgson supertramp?

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October 11, 2009 5:42PM

Life story? Well, he grew up in Portsmouth, went to Stowe school, and formed a couple of bands before joining Supertramp.

He went to an audition in 1969, after seeing an advert in the music magazine 'Melody Maker' headlined 'Genuine opportunity' with the hopes of being offered to join what would become Supertramp. He sang Traffic's 'Dear Mr Fantasy' to Rick Davies, who later invited him out to the pub for a chat. They got drunk, and, having found each other likeable, decided to start the band together.

They auditioned more people, who formed the first proper incarnation of Supertramp. They did a couple of unsuccessful albums, and, the drummer having had (believe it or not) a complete nervous breakdown and the sax player gradually turning up to less and less of the concerts they were meant to perform (apparently he played ping-pong a lot LOL), Hodgson and Davies decided to audition some new band members.

They did, and found John Helliwell, Dougie Thomson, and Bob Siebenberg.

The band was successful with these musicians, and they made some excellent albums that were commercially successful as well as artistically.

But, as is often the way, tension built within the group, particularly between Hodgson and Davies, who wrote all the group's songs. They argued a lot, and Davies' decision to replace Supertramp's then-manager with his wife made Hodgson furious, as apparently his wife and Davies' wife didn't get on. He left the band after their '83 world tour, and began a solo career. The last album Supertramp did in that formation was the appropriately named 'Famous Last Words'.

And that's where my knowledge runs out as far as Supertramp is concerned. Hope this helped! :)